Monday, January 5, 2015

Bennie's Barn Antique Mall!

We went up to Lexington, Kentucky for Travis' family Christmas this past weekend. On the way home Travis kept an eye out for antique mall's and suggested we pull off interstate 65 for a little vintage break. What a sweet heart! I wasn't even sure where we were until I looked this place up just now. Bennie's Barn Antique Mall in Glendale, Kentucky!
It was a great stop. It was Sunday so lots of places were closed, but it was in a small historic area that had some other promising looking shops and antique places.
There was a good mix of stuff and the prices were really resonable. Not rock bottom like my favorite Kentucky spot, Tickled Pink in Louisville, but pretty good.
Something about this little bobble head doll really spoke to me. Travis tried to talk me out of buying it, but the heart wants what it wants. Look at his face!
There were three floors of stuff to look at! All the way up to this cramped floor right under the roof.
Is this an ash tray? Isn't it weird? I kind of wanted it, but I already have three ash trays in my house, which is maybe too many for a non smoking household.
I was hoping for some after Christmas deals on holiday stuff and found this whole booth! The whole store was 15% off, which is pretty great. There were so many things I wanted! Like that hanging felt Santa!
Or this Santa with the stunning eye shadow and blush.
Have I ever mentioned I have a thing for knit Santa doorknob covers? I LOVE THEM. Travis said I couldn't get this one because it was toooo dangley and the cats would destroy it. He is probably right. But I did get that weird knit google eye santa thing. I have a few hanging on our back door.
This guy is so cute! My guess is you put some money in him and hang him on the tree for a gift. I like his fringe beard.
I haven't seen a bank like this before. I love how GIANT his nose is.
I'm sad to say I left this little lady behind. She was in a grab bag that was 9 dollars and the rest of it was SO bad. And that was more than I wanted to pay for her.
This beautiful lady did make it home with me. Look at the stars in her hair! And her beautiful face!
The woman working there was so nice and when Travis was calling my name she said "Are you looking for that cute girl?" Haha! I totally recommend Bennie's Barn! A wonderful store for our first vintage shopping of the year.


  1. I'm so glad you got the lashy Angel! However I'm bummed you left the drag santa behind!!! What a cute couple they would have been . So glam!

    1. he didn't have a price! i was so bummed! when it isn't priced they just take it off the floor and give it to the vendor to price. so sad.

  2. That place looks like so much fun! I love the Santa in drag make-up!!!

  3. She's super cute with the stars in her hair!
    Erica :)

  4. I would really want that ash tray too and also don't smoke thanks for your kind words about my dear norbert

    retro rover


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