Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finds From Bennie's Barn

Here is what I brought home from Bennie's Barn in Kentucky.
A little bit of vintage Christmas. Another brooch for my collection! I love the teeny celluloid deer. And that angel!
 Isn't she pretty? I hadn't seen one with stars in her hair like this one. I'm in love.
 I'm moving some stuff around in our house and I'm cleaning out the "Jesus hall" and turning it into a vintage travel souviner hall. We decided to only get plates and pennants from places we've been.
  I couldn't resist the cute Oregon one, and we'll hopefully visit there by the end of the year!
I'm in love with this little bobble head. And two more Junior Deluxe Editions. Too bad I already have the bottom one. Dangit!
 And that cute/weird dog with a basket. It originally had a little net in there and was part of a game. I love his squinty face. Not too bad for our first haul of the year!


  1. I noticed that dog game with the missing net when you posted pictures of the shop the other day. I'm so glad you got it! It's just great!
    Erica :)

  2. I'm sincerely gonna miss the jesus hallway but am excited about the new additions.

  3. Im a big sucker for a state plate

    retro rover

  4. Sweet finds, I especially like the angel.

  5. I like that little bobblehead - cute!!

  6. If you make a trip here to Oregon let me know!


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