Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Estate Sale 2015

We didn't go to that many estate sales last year. I needed a break because I was bringing home too much stuff. But I'm back, and much pickier! Last weekend Travis and I went to our first sale of the year. It was slim pickings in the listings, but a sale out in Hendersonville looked like it might be worth the drive. The first thing I saw when I walked into the garage was this box so things were looking good...
And the second thing I saw was Lisa from She Was a Bird! Bonus!
I found a few cute toys to fill this box and then went into the house and it turns out it was just a dealer with one room of his stuff, the rest of the house was just his regular house, all blocked with police tape. Womp, womp. There was even a bowl full of dog food! Trick! He was nice, even if half of the stuff he had for sale was $150 to $750. So weird. BUT he looked in my box and said "5 bucks for it all!" Yes!
It wasn't a total bust though. We stopped at Khan's for vegan breakfast sandwiches and cupcakes. Yum! Here is what I dug out of boxes in the garage. All stuff I NEEDED, haha.
The little yellow animals are for a friend. The little oven and plastic turkey made us laugh, and I have a plan for the other animals. Aren't they cute?
A selection of little stuffed animals for my collection. I love that dream pet like skunk.
The weird spotty dog has this tag on the bottom I've never seen. It's made in Japan, but it looks like it got approved and registered in Pennsylvania.
I couldn't resist this mashed up craft lady. The body is yarn, the head is styrofoam with felt, and those fuzzy ears! i was about to add her to my Easter stash, but I think I like her too much. She'll stay out year round.
Bonus, here is Travis with Chloe, who we were dog sitting. Gosh I love her. Sadly her family is moving to Jackson, Mississippi really soon so we probably won't get to watch her again. Wah!


  1. Yay estate sales! I'm off to my own first sale of 2015 here in a got some great stuff!

  2. It is always great to find what you NEED ;)


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