Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day!

I have lived in Tennessee all of my life, and am used to our mild winters. Every once in a while we'll get an inch of snow, the whole town will close down, and it will melt by noon. Today we got a real snow day! Last I checked (several hours ago) we have 5.5 inches in our yard. My best friend Crystal told me they measured 8 at her house, just a little north. The last time I saw this much snow was back in 2009 when we lived in that cold antebellum manor house in Columbia.
The weathermen were warning us about it, but it wasn't supposed to hit until Friday afternoon. Travis even went into work early because they were trying to beat the storm. But by the time he got to work at 6 am the snow was already accumulating, and as of 9 pm, it still hasn't stopped! Thankfully his company sent everyone home, and after an hour and a half of route changing, dodging out of control cars, and stopping for tamale supplies he was back home with me.
Our little cottage, so cute in the snow. 
Our backyard about 9 this morning. It snowed for nearly 12 more hours!
The dogs are NOT into it! Thankfully we have a thick cedar tree that has less snow under it, or we might have a potty strike on our hands! The second time I took her out Priscilla just stared at me like "Why am I out here again???"
Snow selfies are a must. I loved looking at all the snow photos on my instagram feed today.
I thought Porter would like it, but he RAN back inside as soon as his business was done. He spent the rest of the day curled up as close to me as possible. I actually talked to someone tonight who will probably end up adopting him! I'm happy for him (and the family!) but I will miss this little boo.
After I took the dogs out I wandered around the yard taking photos while waiting for Travis to pull up. I was a little worried because it had been a while since he told me he was on his way home, but I didn't want to call and distract him since the roads were so bad. Basically it rained all night and washed the salt away, then all the water froze under the snow!
I forget about my heart railing. It is so cute!
Once Travis got home he made us a pancake breakfast and told me tales of all the wrecks he saw! 
He told me that the little market down the street was opened, so we walked down there to get a few necessities: avocados, onions, oreos, and sweet tea. And yes, he is in SHORTS. Travis pretty much refuses to wear pants. He is one of THOSE people.
Yeah! Avocados were what we really needed because Travis decided to use part of his day off to make us tamales! They were REALLY good! I'm so glad he finally tried making them, because it wasn't as hard as we thought. They just take a while. We froze most of the batch, but I doubt they will last long. 
Back down our snowy street. I was surprised how few people were out! Usually Nashville ignores the mayor's pleas for everyone to stay off the roads!
We wanted to build a snowman but it was too powdery and wouldn't stick together much. So we made teeny snowmen! Here is the artist at work. He cracked me up putting his on the mailbox.
I tried to make mine cute and put a gravel mouth on it, but he turned out kind of terrifying! 
Travis found a "scarf" for his. 
We came inside, and spent the rest of the day snacking and watching movies on the couch. What a day!
I'm going to go check right now to see how deep the snow is. Stand by!.......7 inches! I can't believe it! The high tomorrow is 30 so it will probably stick around until Sunday. I'm pretty content to be snowed in for a little while longer. We have plenty of movies and tamales and maybe I can finish my 2015 photobook. It would only be better if we lived closer to Crystal and Marc. I wish we could go sledding with them tomorrow!
If you are up North and rolling your eyes at me, please forgive the enthusiasm. We are not used to this much beautiful snow! It kinda feels like another reality!


  1. I love the snow so much mostly bc I get to sit inside and watch it. I just wish I was snowed in with other people or Jamie! I'm starting to go insane

    1. yes, i can imagine. i love being snowed it with travis because he basically makes me food all day and puts in movies i like and takes the dogs out.

    2. snow day every day! i love it.

  2. How fun!!! The closest thing I've ever experienced to this was "Bomb Day" in high school. Somebody called in a bomb threat so we all got to leave; we went to a friend's house and watched movies and ate pizza. Sometimes a little weather would be a nice change of pace. I love your snow people!

  3. I'm from somewhere that looks snowy like that 8 months of the year so this would be funny to me, except I moved somewhere that RARELY gets snow now, maybe three times a year. So I know how scary it can be when nobody knows how to drive in it and nobody has the proper clothing or shovels or anything. And how weird it looks to see green plants and flowers in full bloom covered in snow.

    1. haha, yeah, i know to people who live somewhere that is snowy all the time this seems silly. Tennessee doesn't have many salt trucks, or plows, and you are right, none of us know how to drive in it because we rarely have too.

  4. I live in Mid-Wisconsin and you got more snow in one weekend than we have gotten all year. So this has been a boring winter for us. I hope you have fun in the snow and keep warm.

  5. i love this post! especially travis' grass scarf.


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