Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Home Office!

I got a new job! I know I mentioned it in my last post, but I wanted to tell you again. I LOVE IT so far. I don't even feel like I'm going to work. I'm a sales rep for a brokerage that represents several brands in the natural products industry. My territory is middle/west Tennessee and Alabama. I'm doing a little traveling, meeting lots of people, and really having a good time so far.
I have office work to do as well, so the first thing Travis and I did when I found out I got the job was clean out our front bedroom to make an office for me! Here is post about that...
This is embarrassing but here is a before picture. Even more embarrassing, I have a whole bunch of photos like this from 2014. I planned on cleaning it out then and never did! When we first moved in we had a roommate (miss you Dana!) for about six months. When she moved out we put a few boxes in this room, occasionally added more,  and then pretty much closed it up for five years! Such a waste! Once it was all set up, it felt like we had done a renovation or something! A whole new to us room.
One of my favorite things about this room is the wallpaper. It is just this one wall and it is so cute. I didn't want to cover up much of it, so I just put two little shelves to hold my papers and collateral. And I bought a big kewpie. Because every office needs one? 
I'm looking for a wide desk but for now this one is working for me. It was my dad's when he was a kid! I made a map with pins showing all my stores on it (because I need a visual!) and as you can see, I'm super into little post it notes. I have a full color code system in place.
Some of my favorite business lady office supplies. Every desk needs an eyeball Pez dispenser and washi tape.
It took me a few days to decide what I wanted my banner to say. Then it became obvious. 
Who Run the World? 
You guys know I love a gallery wall. I've been hanging stuff up, and ordering a few new things, like this CUTE Spock from Brett Manning.
The girls aren't sure how they feel about this new gig. They can't sit in my lap while I'm at my desk, they are stuck on the floor. Poor things. (I was cracking up at Phyllis when I took this photo. Is that comfortable??)
While cleaning out my desk I found this photo strip from our trip to Florida in 2014! I remember us thinking it didn't really turn out when we got it. Now I love it.
I got an air plant for my window. This room gets the best light in the house! This guy has lasted a month, we'll see how long I can keep it alive!
This has changed since I took these photos, but I thought I would keep my collection of children's books in here. They are mostly vintage, and I have this idea that maybe our little nephew will come to visit some day and want to look at them. Then I got more and more stuff for work, so I have to use this shelf for supplies. Rethinking the reading nook....Also there is a little pile of stuff I need to hang up.
I've been saving that hand made set of book ends for a while. And I'm going to get some succulents for that planter. The candle is maple syrup scented and delicious.
This piece of carpet is very special to me. It was in my grandparents house (which I LOVED, you can see a post about it here). My cousin Katie bought the house and remodeled it (I've heard it look amazing) and saved this carpet for me, and some strips of the floral wallpaper because she knew I loved it. I'm so happy to have this little piece to keep.
I have a lot of carstock to store, but I like to get some little wacky touches in when I can. Like that google eyed bear. And the puppy! I love that picture, I totally forgot I had it!
I've been holding onto this printer's tray for years. We all know I don't really need another shelf to hold tiny things, but they bring me so much joy! I look forward to finding more tiny treasures to put on it. I also framed some of our photobooth strips finally. The one on the far left is from the day we got engaged (at six flags, hah!)
The unicorn sitting on top is the first thing I ever bought at a yard sale, when I was maybe ten years old? I still love it and would pick it up if I saw it at a sale today! That little donkey is a jigsaw thing that I bought at a craft fair when I was young as well. I can't believe I never lost it!
This is the light fixture in the room! I need to take it down and clean it, but I really love it. 
Scampi LOVES the new room. She waits by the door for me to open it in the morning. She climbs the shelves and sits on everything and is her normal annoying/enduring self.
All three cats often join me in the room. I pretend it is because they love me. It's really because they love boxes to sit on.
Since taking those photos I got an office chair! I was dreading buying one (they are so ugly and expensive!). But then! A friend was moving and selling most of her stuff and had this vintage one! For ten bucks! It is perfect.
And this guy! I've been wanting one of these forever and finally treated myself when I got the job. He is from Yetis and Friends and is SO CUTE in person.
Guys, I am so happy. I was incredibly stressed in my old job, then I had months of unemployment and part time work. It is like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders!


  1. Seeing this makes me motivated to organize and clean up my desk/office corner. I hate that side of my room and never use it for its intended purpose! I usually work on a TV tray in the den and I hate it! I need a workspace. Maybe this will motivate to move those piles of clothes and old mail

    1. i always did stuff in the living room and it was so uncomfortable and always a mess! let me know if you want me to come help you clean up your desk. i love doing that. i helped crystal with hers

  2. That's awesome!!! I'm so glad you love your new job!

  3. I'm so happy for you! And your office is perfect!

  4. oh my god your whole house is my dream home and the office is the same I adore the horse picture. Im so glad you got a good job but I think you and travis might really be decorators by calling or vintage sellers lol

    1. i can't be a vintage seller because i can never let go of the good stuff! haha

  5. Congrats on your new job! Its so you since evolves natural products and travels :) that chair was the best score ever, soooo cool and goes well with the colorful walls. Love the cats all over <3

  6. Congrats on the job and the office is sweet. Just submerge that airplant in a cup of water for about an hour every two weeks or so and it will thrive. They like sun so the window is a perfect spot.

    1. so far so good! i've been submerging it for 30 minutes once a week. i'll go down to ever other!

  7. So glad you love your new job, I'm really happy for you! And your office is great! It makes a big difference to have a nice place to work in, I would imagine. I love the stories behind your things but my favorite things are your dad's old desk and that glorious colorful carpet piece! My sister painted a desk "antiqued" green back in the late 60's, (it was super-popular at the time) and yours reminded me of it. Really enjoyed reading this post!

  8. Happy to hear your new job is a good one! The office looks fantastic.


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