Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tubing Down the Buffalo River

Summer! The ultimate season! You can't skip it, you've gotta have it! This summer we made a discovery that is going to make it even better. We found a place to go tubing! The Buffalo River Resort is only about an hour and fifteen minutes from Nashville. Totally worth it for 4 hours of floating down the river. 
We went in late May with Crystal, Marc and Thomas. For $16 bucks a person you get a tube and they shuttle you to the drop off point. The van is covered in graffiti, they even hand you a marker to leave your own name or whatever. Thomas wrote the initials of his company because he is a total work dork.  
 This was my favorite. 
The water was a little bit cold for comfort, but it was a hot day so it ended up being ok. It was a little shocking when you first got in.
 Ahhhhhhh. It is so nice to just float down the river. 
 And feed each other chips. 
Travis was in charge of our cooler tube. It is an extra ten dollars, but worth it I think. You can put your dry clothes in there, and your lunch and sunscreen. You can also all tie on to it if you want to float together.
The water in the river seems to be from five feet deep to a foot. Most of the time you can see the bottom. You can dangle your legs down through the tube and swim, or sit on top and just float. BE SURE TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR SHINS! I didn't and got SO burnt!
The water in the river was so nice! If you go, call ahead and check the water level. If it is low, tubing isn't as fun.
Hey! It's me! There are a couple places that you can pull up to the shore and stop a while. You can have a picnic, or just set your tube up and swim.
 Check out these really cool water shoes!
When we got in sight of the pull out point we pulled on up a little rocky island to hang out for a while. We weren't ready for it to be over! I THINK it took us about 3 hours to float the five miles.
 This hat is a lifesaver. I haven't gotten a burn on my face since I started wearing them. 
 While we were sitting around this tiny turtle swam up and sat on Travis' foot! Look at him! 
Couldn't get over how cute it was. We held it for a minute then put it back in the water. It swam right back! Little turtle wanted to be our friend.
Once we were ready to go, we all got in a train and got Travis to tow us in. So relaxing! I can't WAIT to go back. I hope we can make it a regular thing this summer. If you are in Nashville, I highly recommend the Buffalo River Resort! 


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