Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! I have to work, but i'm making the most of it by wearing a silly outfit. Red cardigan with felt heart pin, purple shirt under black dress, red tights, pink shoes. i wish i had some kind of heart accessory to put in my hair. Travis is off today and I think is going to have dinner ready for me when I get home. We went on a Valentines date to the space and rocket center in Alabama yesterday. I can't wait to share the pictures! it was really fun.

we have been working on our house a little bit. here are some pictures.

i finally hung art in our room! it only took a year!

i have my autographed picture of jemaine right where i can see it before i fall asleep. haha. the first night after i hung that up i had the most awesome jemaine related dream. so it totally worked. 
also notice such beautiful objects as the portrait of rivers cuomo i painted in high school. a totoro poster. a photo of frankenstein and that little girl he drowned. and way more kurt halsey stuff that i remember having.

not as happy with this side. i thought i had more than enough stuff to fill the walls but i actually have a lot of space left. i need a few more big pieces to hang up there. i'm also working on making something cute to hang pins on instead of that piece of felt.
murray couldn't resist me laying on the bed to take these, he had to sit on my and force me to pet him.

and that is my closet. i have a picture of frida kahlo there, and conan overhead to inspire me. i need something cute to hang in the top left. nothing looked right. 

through the kitchen to the dining room. excuse the messy table. i don't know why i didn't at least throw all that stuff on the floor for pictures. 

this was the last room in the house we needed to paint. i'm pretty happy with it. there are some of my dutch hex signs. i'm looking for a cuter table to put the radio on. and i need curtains.

dog wall started. i'm finally starting to hang up my collection of vintage photos of dogs. i wanted to find antique frames for all of them, but then decided that was crazy. i really like how they look in shadow boxes. i still have a big pile i need to buy frames for. and i love that dog chalk board. i decided to hang it there so i could write down the menu when i have friends over for dinner! (because i am a nerd)

travis got that boston paint by number for 2 bucks! i love it!

i rarely open that window into my living room (because i'm usually in pajamas) but i will more often because it's a cat magnet! so cute. 

and here is my required picture of phyllis:

she was snoring so loud while i was sitting by here frame pictures. what a little darling.

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