Monday, May 16, 2011

Estate Sale Loot

it has been rainy and grey for the past few days. i keep waiting for the sun to come out so i can take some pictures, but i couldn't wait any longer to show you some of the goodies i got at the estate sales this past week. the best part is pretty much everything here was 10 cents to 2 dollars!

more thread in a cute case! and some needle point! a really cute table cloth!

cute pencil box full of tiny rulers. i love rulers.

my deer! this was one of a set. the set the lady who was running the sale though crystal and i stole. a collar (i thought it was fake fur because it was on the dollar rack but now i don't know and it's kind of creeping me out) a juice pitcher and a syrup container.

a few of the towels i got! i've been pining away for some floral towels and had no luck at thrift stores. so when i found piles of them at one of the estate sales i was beside myself!

vintage christmas! my favorite! poinsettia table cloth, silly christmas mail box, a weird santa tree topper with light up action, some vintage gift tags! i might make the table cloth into a tree skirt.

two aprons! 50 cents each! i don't know why i didn't take a picture that was easier to understand.

and another shot of my new couch! i'm having a hard time figuring out how to photograph it. it has a strange texture that i think makes it look dirty in photos. it's sitting in our living room in front of our other couch for now until we figure out how to get rid of the old one. the cats love it. all three of them sit on it, while we sit on the other couch with the dogs. so cute. it's like we're all at a play or something.

linking up with her library adventure and apron thrift girl as usual.


  1. Oh, the threads! Lucky you! Is that gorgeous couch velour?

  2. I have that same needlepoint of the flowers that I picked up at a garage sale or thrift store. And I love rulers, too! Oh, and yard sticks. Great haul. The couch is super cool!

  3. That couch looks so comfy! What a huge score with all those threads too, well done!

  4. Great finds! Especially love the green box with all the thread.


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