Saturday, July 9, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

here are some things i picked up from an impulse estate sale stop the other day after work. i was driving down the street and saw the sign and just had to go see what they had. i wasn't disappointed.

the vintage pennant might be my favorite thing i found. and might be the start of a new collection!

ive been trying to cool it on owl stuff but these were just too pretty (and only 25 cents!)

cute little planter!

i have been wanting one of these forever! he is from the goodwill outlet.

got all of these books at an estate sale just one street over, only 25 cents each!

little handmade sheep travis didn't want me to get, but it is so cute! those eye lashes!

i haven't tried this out yet but it makes one serving of ice cream in 15 minutes!

and that is priscilla. she is so cute. she finally feels like one of the family instead of just the new, sick dog. we love her to pieces.


  1. those "junior deluxe" books on the left have the sweetest endpapers! i've been hoarding a little pile myself :-)

  2. Lovely owl pictures and a great collection of books :)

  3. Lovely looking books, lovely lushious eyelashes and one seriously cute wee pooch x

  4. Priscilla is so cute sitting there with her little toy..just adorable.

  5. I've wanted one of those white swans for ages too!! Great find. And these books... Would love to hear if the ice cream maker works, dessert in 15 minutes... one serving though, there'll be some jealous people around you!! xx

  6. that is a cute little sheep (lamb?)... she reminds me of lambchop from Lamb Chop's play-along. What a great find with the ice-cream maker, the branding is just fabulous!

  7. YOUR FINDS ARE WONDERFUL!!! Great great!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. Wonderful finds, especially the bunny planter and the books.
    Priscilla is a cutie!

  9. what lovely finds, the books are precious and so thrifty!


  10. that ice cream maker looks clever!

  11. Love your book stash and that ice cream maker looks fantastic too. Packaging rocks!

  12. I know what you mean about owl stuff. It's a little overplayed. But so cute! I often can't resist either. This weekend I spotted a whole set - ceramic tree with hanging owl mugs and sugar and creamer to match. Luckily it was overpriced...

  13. those books are incredible! i remember reading those same old books at my grandparent's cottage. they were my mum's and aunts when they were growing up.


  14. I used to have pennant banners in my room when I was a kid!

  15. I love those books! So much!
    - Tara


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