Sunday, August 7, 2011

More vintage!

here are some more things from the great estate sale a few blocks from my house. and some of the little things i got in louisville.

pretty embroidered pillowcase.

another sweet little weather house!

dutch hex pin and little buckle cover.

apollo 13 glass from a weird yard sale we went too. there were probably 30 of these of different missions, and so cute! 50 cents each! but i don't need any more glasses. so we just got one.

cute remember pearl harbor glass. i went back to an estate sale to get this because i couldn't stop thinking about it. i don't know what it is but i love it.

black lamb salt and pepper shakers. i almost bought these at an antique store for 12 dollars once. good thing i waited! these were only a dollar!

This thing is really silly and i love it so much! it is a skunk decanter of some sort, with little baby skunk glasses all along the side. i looked it up online and it originally had fur stuck to the top and tail. so weird and cute.


  1. OK, the skunk thing is weird but I really like it. Great price on the lamb S&Ps. Is one wearing a hat? Even the thrift stores have been raising S&P prices again AND (makes me mad) marking them individually. How dare they attempt to break up a set!

  2. The pillowcase is so pretty. Love the cute weather house. The glasses are different. I bet the remember pearl harbour ones are very collectable. I saw a daschund dog the same as your skunk thing on ebay recently.Glad you got your salt & peppers for a bargain price. They are getting pricey in thrift shops now.

  3. I go for the weird but cute things sometimes, too, so I really like the skunk item. Those little skunk cups would have sealed it for me.

    I like all your other finds as well. Glad you got the Pearl Harbor glass, especially since it was on your mind. Nothing worse than not following your instincts and then regretting it.

  4. They skunk decanter is bizarre yet amazing, are the cups meant for shots? I collect little German weather houses too and have been on the lookout for peacock items while out thrifting.

    I'm glad I found your blog through Apron Thrift Girl, am now following you!

  5. I love the cute little weather house and the salt and pepper shakers are adorable!

    E :)

  6. I love those pillowcases. I'm always drawn to peacock items and the embroidery on these is so detailed, not to mention the lovely crocheted lace!

  7. Those peacock pillow cases are so perfect! And you better never invite me to your house because I'll be taking that hex belt buckle with me. I'm insanely jealous of it.

  8. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! you're killing me.


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