Sunday, November 27, 2011

Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Did you think I was done with vacation photos? No way! I hope you aren't tired of them yet. I actually hate that no one who blogs ever posts much about their vacation. Maybe they do more relaxing than I do. Maybe they don't take pictures? I don't know. I LOVE seeing people's vacation photos so I can get ideas for my next trip. (which happens to be to florida in february for a wedding, which means, WIZARDING WORLD!) So anyway, one of the places you HAVE TO go to in Gatlinburg if you love vintage and kitsch is the Museum of the Salt and Pepper Shakers!

we went last time we were in town and it was just as awesome the second time.

so you can kind of get an idea of what it looks like.

this is the personal collection of the owner! over 20,000 sets!! they are organized in loose categories. that is one of the vegetable cases. even with that many shakers i saw barely any of the ones that I have in my collection.  You could probably collect them for your whole life and never collect all the sets that are out there.

these little dudes were in the ocean set. i'm not sure what they are supposed to be but i love them.

this shelf made me think of betty crafter!

so many owls. and squirrels.

LOVE those bostons! i wish all the sets were for sale.

dog section.

vacation sets, and cats! the cats were probably the cutest there.

i love the little blue and orange ducks, and the ducks with the long intwined necks!

did i mention one of my best friends, dana, came and joined us for the day? so awesome! we were in teh museum for a few hours. you can kind of play i spy with each other. and take a million pictures.

map of visitors. the big pins are for collectors.

So the Salt and Pepper Shaker museum is awesome! It only costs three bucks! And that goes towards any purchase in the gift shop. But she has the sets priced REALLY high in the gift shop. The museum is actually for sale now! So if you feel like you could make it your career...


  1. Planning an overseas holiday purely based on your post - Nashville and kitsch, WOW. You took some great photos, not all places let you take pics, and yours are fabulous. I wonder how long it takes to dust them all.....

  2. OH MAN I'd buy that place in a heartbeat and then move all of them into my house haha

  3. So visually pleasing--thanks for sharing these pics!

  4. Egads! I didn't know such a place existed ... I would travel across the country for a peek at that.

  5. Oh no the museum is for sale? It's been my mom's lifelong dream to pilgrimage there, I hope it's not too late to go. She only has 300 sets in her collection hehe.

    I'm definitely guilty of not posting vacation pics, I always take a ton but am afraid of boring people with them.

  6. OMG that is insane!! I never knew that there could possibly be that many different salt and pepper shakers shaped like produce! ;)

  7. WOW, my husband and I will have to check this out for sure when we visit Gatlinburg again. We just started collecting salt and pepper shakers, our fave is a set of eyeballs :)


  8. Stop! I totally want to own that museum! Saaad. No money. Thanks for the tour! It may be one of the cutest places on Earth.

  9. My mom would wig out! She loves salt and pepper shakers..and wants to buy every set each time we go to cracker barrell.

  10. Gah! I'm dying of cute overload!! All those adorable owls and squirrels makes my head explode. I lucked into attending the estate sale of a collector this year and walked away with several awesome sets, including a squirrel one.

  11. I have a box full of different salt and pepper shakers I am trying to get rid of. If anyone interested please e-mail me at

  12. Ok, it is officially my dream to visit!


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