Friday, November 18, 2011

Stocking Up

I haven't been to the Goodwill Outlet in a while. You really have to be in the mood to dig through a lot of junk when you go there. So whenever the mood strikes I will usually run right over. This time i kept finding great stuff!

first we found this suitcase that was in almost perfect shape (i just have to re-glue one spot on the lining). then  i filled it up!

Christmas explosion!

I am OBSESSED with creating a "kitschmas" wreath like Betty Crafter.  I have lots of little vintage christmas bits but not many glass balls. So that is what I'm on the lookout for. I was thrilled to find two boxes and one bag full! I also got a handful of plastic picks, a silly snowman who needs another googley eye, and some fake poinsettia.

I couldn't resist the yarn wreath! The owl wasn't in it, but I might stick it there when I hang it up. It looks pretty darn cute. I can't think of the brand the owl is, but i've always thought that style was cute (especially the mice).
On the same trip i found a straw wreath, which was awesome since the next stop on my list was michael's to buy one! ! love it when ! find practical things for pennies, almost as much as I love the vintage.

kind of a terrifying santa. he is so fancy with his crocheted hood.

I really love these little presents on a string! They were all tangled with an ugly cheap garland so I painstakingly removed them all. They might go on my tree or hang across my mantle.
So, the suitcase was 2.99 and the rest was by the pound. Our total for everything was less than ten bucks. We picked up a few books too that aren't pictured here. The goodwill outlet is pretty awesome most of the time. If you can stand the crowd (it is ALWAYS packed), and the dirt, and the mean cashier.

This little buddy wasn't thrifted, he was sent to me by the love Miss Crafter after I lamented that I hadn't been able to find a knee hugging elf at a descent price. It was so fun to get in the mail! The box was jingling and for some reason I just couldn't imagine what was inside. Then I opened it and jumped for joy! I can't wait to use him on my wreath!


  1. I so want your owl!!! Willing to trade? I have a bunch of crap, I mean great stuff. I have a similiar red suitcase so Im going to steal your idea if I can get Ryker to not take everything out of it Have a great weekend

    Im serious about the trade if you wanted to part with it :-)

  2. I am in love with Kitschmas wreaths as well & have been collecting (alright ... hoarding) supplies whenever I can find them at Estate & rummage sales. Sadly this year there is a Xmas decorations contest happening that all of our local thrift stores are participating in & no Holiday themed items are on sale until the judging ends on Dec 1. Ugh!

    ... & what is that Peanuts themed bit of felt peeking out from beneath your other goodies? An old stocking? Too cute!

  3. The presents are strings reminds me of when I was little. We had a few of those and every year my mom would try to not hang it up because she thought it didn't go with the rest of the tree. But I always ended putting it up anyways, just near the lower half of the tree. I miss the presents on a string!

  4. I second Becky - that owl is amazing! And I agree - he looks really good in the wreath. Can't wait to see the Kitschmas wreath you put together!

  5. the wreath and the owl are dreamy!

  6. I love the owl -- is it an Annalee? The face looks like it.
    I also kind of love that suitcase. There's just something wonderful about RED purses and suitcases and such.
    - Mandi @

  7. Wow, a great haul! We stopped at the GW outlet when I was in Nashville and it wasn't crowded (the staff even commented on it. Although, there were a lot of people filling carts full of shoes (strange). I found some really neat stuff, but nothing like that owl (*heart* him! I was thinking Annalee too).

    Cannot wait until you post your Xmas decorating photos!

  8. I'm joining you in some vintage suitcase finding this week - picked up my first one! :-)

    Your's is blooming lovely though - what a gorgeous shade of red!

    Jem xXx

  9. Hey just wanted to chime in and say the owl does look like a Annalee doll. The older ones were made in the USA in Meredith NH and actually collectors items. My mom used to work at Annalee when we lived in NH--it was pretty amazing until Annalee died and her sons now have the dolls made in china--womp womp. I always buy any I find at thrift shops now because they make me think of my Mom (and I always wonder if she sewed a part of it) and the special get-togethers they would have for the workers on the property. My mom really liked working there.
    I once missed out on two (made in the usa) because a lady was quicker then me and snatched them up for $1 each. They had the little mice at the top!

  10. I LOVE your elf!!!! He makes my heart feel happy!

  11. The Goodwill Outlet sounds amazing! And I love the wool wreath.

  12. I love christmas guff and is that a knitted wreath? never seen one of those before!

  13. I need to get to a goodwill outlet one day, but it is about an hour away, and not open on Sundays when I am normally free! geesh! fun finds. I don't like the santa though he creeps me out!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  14. You're a girl after my own heart! Awesome stuff! I'm going to go tomorrow. Can't wait to get filthy and see what I find.

  15. Love your knee hugger! I found my first one this week - they are the cutest things

  16. those little wrapped gifts are awesome! so happy you rescued them from the ugly, cheap garland.


  17. @becky: i don't think i could bear to part with my little annalee owl. i can't believe Travis found him for me. And he is one of the made in the usa ones too.
    @mypapercrane: that is so awesome that your mom worked for the factory! I wonder if she worked on mine.

  18. :-) I didnt think you would part with him. I didnt even know anything about annalee until that person wrote the comment asking you if it was one. I just thought he was cute. and now that I see the prices on Ebay I wouldnt blame you for keeping him! If I find one I would never sell him


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