Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amazing mail!

I got the greatest package in the mail the other day and had to share it! I couldn't even wait until daylight so these pictures aren't the greatest. So Liz over at Love of the Hunt sent me this. Go check out her blog if you are a vintage lover! It is really great! I wish I could have been at her recent party to break in her great new bar! 
So I got home from a crappy day at work to find this box on my front porch! It was covered in cute pug pictures and was sitting in a beam of light. I almost ran inside to open it!
I LOVE this wrapping paper! i even saved some it.
There were little hints on the outside of each package. I was seriously giggling with glee as I tried to guess what was in each one. And I was home alone, so I probably looked insane. Haha.
Look at what she sent me! I love every single thing! She thrifted it all! That pug dude!

The little deer is my favorite. I already have a plan for him. THANK YOU LIZ! I seriously LOVED this package! You made my month!


  1. I love the little deer & pug! Aren't you lucky :) XO.

  2. I love everything you got! I love getting packages in the mail. :]

  3. Love parcels in the mail! What awesome paper too. Lucky you :-)

  4. That pug is such a snappy dresser! Lucky you.

  5. Super sweet! I love how each package was wrapped to prolong the surprise! :)

  6. That little bambi is so CUTE!<3

  7. Yay! I am so glad you liked everything :)

    I loved sending it and now that I have your address you can expect more!

  8. that deer and the angel/caroler/whatev are just amazing!


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