Thursday, April 19, 2012

Estate Date

Every once in a while Travis and I get to be off work on the same day. I especially like it if that day falls on a day when we can go to some estate sales! We went to a few one day, and I didn't pull the camera out until we came across this terrifying little statue.
Look at this cute owl! I was just talking about owl macramé in the comments to someone, saying I wanted one but never found one I liked enough, then this little dude caught my eye! For one dollar, he came home with us. 
Travis pointed out this awesome custom sled. I would have been tempted, but it was 90 dollars! Delusional. This whole sale was way over priced. Except in the basement, where all the good stuff was anyway. 
Check out the sweet Doobie Brothers paint job. I would love the know the story behind it.
The last sale put us really close to the Loveless Cafe, so we went in for a late brunch.

My cute date.
I got eggs and cheese grits and home fries. It was really good! Their home fries are battered like curly fries. Yummmm.
Here is the little pile of treasures I picked up. I have been looking for one of those ceramic trees forever! I was so happy to find a white one for just a few bucks! And I couldn't resist that owl, what a sweet face he has!
This kitty shaker is missing its mate, but I loved it too much to leave it behind. The holes are right behind the ears. It is the first long shaker like this in my collection.
A little pill box.
I found this pretty Betty ornament in a big box full of pretty glass balls. I picked it up because I thought it could represent Travis' grandma Betty on our tree! I assumed they would be expensive so I just grabbed the one, but they ended up only being 25 cents! I wish I would have grabbed some more.

And last but not least, a cute vintage picture of a cocker spanial. It was in a tiny frame they had marked 20 dollars and I asked the seller if I could just please by the picture because I collect vintage dog photos. He remembered me buying the big poodle picture from him before, and was so sweet to just let me have it.
Estate sale season seems to be in full swing around here, I'm loving it!


  1. so fun! AMAZING finds - love the tree and the owl!!

  2. You found some great stuff. I love that long shaker, I've never seen one like that.

  3. i think i'm going to make a macrame owl! ambitious, right? i have a frog that i just love <3

  4. love the owl. I wanted a macrame owl and I found two last week. They were marked $1 a piece and I only had a dollar (who goes to a garage sale with only a dollar? yup that would be me) I asked the lady if she would take a dollar for both and she said how about $1.50 Luckily my sister was with and she gave me the 50 cents.

  5. thank goodness your sister was there! haha, seriously, i would have hated to had to walk away with just one!

  6. i am so behind on reading, but oh my god that tree! i have a white one that we've always put in the bathroom at christmas (a different style) and have been looking for the green one i remember from when i was REALLY little for forever. yours is SO PERFECT! i want a million of them, haha.


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