Monday, April 2, 2012

Vintage camera realness.

I finally took pictures of the amazing camera stuff that my grandparents gave to me while we were visiting them in Florida. My grandfather has always loved gadgets and electronics. So he had all the gear for making home movies, and all in the boxes of course!
First I'll show you this film camera. I hadn't seen one like this before.
It isn't that exciting closed up, but open it up....
Woah!! A thing of beauty!
I love this little tag, and the arrow!
So gorgeous. And I just know it has to work beautifully still. I might try to rig it up with 35mm film.

Here is the light bar for the film camera. I love the starbursts on the bulb boxes. You can tell when Grandpa is using these in the films, because everyone is squinting and covering their eyes. Haha!
I love that they still had all the boxes. Look at that table scene on the bottom! Orange wall!
This box didn't have the camera in it though, it was full of 8mm movies (or as my grandma calls them "movie films.") 
So many exciting notes! This one starts with a group of tourists standing around while a black bear runs at them and dives into trash cans! Then it shows my two aunts making their dachshund Fritz ride a float in the ocean. I need to figure out how to get some of these online to show you!
I really love this reel bank!
This is the first one we watched, obviously! There is a really great dumbo costume, really the whole film is great! In between Disney and Busch Gardens there is a scene of my great grandpa fishing and scaling the fish he caught.
Here is the projector. It works great! And we have extra bulbs too! Sadly, the only thing missing was an extra reel, which you kind of need to watch them. Thankfully, a vintage loving buddy in town knew were one was, and I went to pick it up after that estate sale! 
Of course he saved the manuals. The flash technique book is especially good!
I love this vintage insulated bag! My grandma said that somewhere that my grandpa used to work gave these bags away all the time, so they had tons. I wish I had a few more!
The video camera was in there. The leather case is so pretty.
There was all kinds of fun stuff in the bag! And a bunch more films.
Look at this crazy bulb! So much filament!
I pulled a little of a film out, and I can already recognize my dad even though it is tiny! We haven't even watched half of them yet. I'm kind of trying to make them last, because I love them so much!
So there you have it! And of course I have to get a shot of these two. Scampi kept laying down up there and going to sleep! I had to push her off the table over and over! What a jerk!


  1. This is so cool!
    I know my grandpa (back in poland) has a bunch of camera stuff too. I only got to see a few of his cameras, I wish he would have let me take a few home. I only got to take the one and I think it's busted. I hope you find a way to get some of those films online too. They would be so fun to watch.

    You reminded me of all the videos I took last year in poland, I need to edit and upload a few.

  2. whoa! I covet all of this. What a great collection :]

  3. That is an awesome collection, waw. That bulb is so cool!! And haha for the cat. Cats will be cats!

  4. LMAO!! When I read the title I thought, "Rae is serving vintage camera fierceness for the kids." So funny. We both may need a Drag Race intervention. Okay- omg! You got so much awesome stuff from them!! We have a vintage camera collection as well as a slide projector thingamajig but I loooove all of the packaging and extra bits you have. Really cool.

    1. oh grrrr you love drag race too? i seriously use "realness" and "no T no shade" and a million other catch phrases ALL THE TIME!

    2. Also guilty of Drag Race addiction and catchphrase usage. Ain't no shame in this game!

  5. ha! I love that this post was called "Vintage camera realness"


  6. I love all of these! What a great haul! I seriously love when older family members go "Ah, if you want all this junk, you can just have it. Lord knows WHY you want it, but if you do, take it on!" Some of my most loved possessions have come to me that way. I have that Tourist model Kodak camera and the box from a long ago sale, but I am jealous of your movie camera and A-L-L the equipment that goes with it (including family movies!!). So neat!

    1. yes, i love that so much! last fall Travis' grandmother let us go through her house and take pretty much anything we wanted. She was moving into a smaller place and didn't take much. And she NEVER throws anything away. it was heavenly!

  7. Oh I'm so jealous of this collection. I love, love, love old school 8mm movies and vintage 35mm cameras. Awesome!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  8. WOW! instant collection! amazing stuff!


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