Sunday, April 8, 2012

What I Brought Home

So I posted about this estate sale earlier this week, now I'll show you what I got! I really wish I had gone on the first day. Because if this stuff was left, I wonder what there was to start! Most of what I got was kids stuff. There was a room (it must have been a play room) full of kids stuff!

I got two actual dream pets for 50 cents each! I'm really loving the rabbit! I thought about doing a rabbit post for Easter today, because I have really been enjoying Eartha Kitsch's "Wabbit Wednesdays", but I only have a few rabbits. But there are quite a few in this post! That monkey was just too cute to leave behind. I don't love the red dog, but it was a dream pet, and I couldn't leave him behind! The brown dog is a fuzzy bank.
I just thought this match book was cute. When I asked the lady running the sale how much she looked annoyed that I asked, and said "You can HAVE that." haha. That happens to me a lot.
This puzzle! I now have a little collection of US map puzzles. I can't resist them!
I couldn't get a good picture of this Pyrex pitcher! I really love it! I can't believe it was left behind, and only 2 dollars! I'm going to use it all summer for my Arnold Palmer's, my favorite drink.
Cute Illinois cup. I keep saying I won't buy anymore cups, but I can never stick to it.
Some games! And a puzzle! I'm bummed because the Scribbage game is missing one of the letter dice. I thought I counted them all before I bought it. Daaannnng. The puzzle reminds me of the ones that were in the church nursery when I was little. I wonder if they are still there.
I haven't read the rules for Skunk yet, it is so cute!

Vintage stuffed dog. I love her eye lashes. Definitely didn't need it. Haha.
Of course I came home with three sets of vintage sheets. Two sets like the top one. Another thing I can never resist if they are cheap. 1 dollar a set!
These will probably only be exciting to me, but I have been looking for these editions of Marguerite Henry books. These are the ones they had in my elementary school library and I checked them out all the time! King of the Wind is about the size of a 5 x 7 paperback, the others are bigger. I was SO excited to find these on the bookshelf in the kids room! I wonder if there were more of them the first day.
More kids books! I have SO MANY of these. I better have a kid I guess. Or a nephew or niece that can visit. I can't turn down a vintage children's book.
I love the front pages of this Little Golden Book version of Heidi. So beautiful.
I love this book from the 70's with the illustrations combined with photos.
And two bunny books! The Golden Egg Book is so familiar to me, I must have read it as a kid.
I absolutely love the illustrations! The story is about a bunny who finds a big egg, and a duckling hatches out of it. It really couldn't get cuter. Look at him kicking the egg! 
So that is my sweet little haul from that great sale. The estate sale season sure is off to a good start! Maybe I'll finally start an etsy store so I have a reason to go to them. I really don't have much room in my house. 


  1. Lovely post. All these books and plush toys remind me of the toy box at my Grandmas house. I was in high school when she past and didn't appreciate every little piece. Thanks for the nice flashback. Loving your blog!

    1. thank you! there was a toy box on the stairs at this house that was full of old fisher price toys that made me think of my grandparents house too. They got rid of almost all of their old stuff when they moved a few years ago. it kills me that I didn't get some of that stuff before they threw it away.

  2. Wow, Rae, I swear we were separated at birth (and give or take 15 years! LOL ;) I love the rabbit and the monkey! And, the state glass: I collect those exact type too! I also just found a US Playskool puzzle just before I left for Alabama last week. And the Henry books? Also, my favorite books in elementary school! All of your finds are so, so cute!

    I also (FINALLY!) have your package ready to go (I needed ONE more pc of bubblewrap!) It rode with me to Alabama because I forgot to stop at a post office. It is leaving Louisville on Monday. I hope you love it all!! :)

    1. Hahah, how funny! Do you have the Illinois glass yet? I've never seen that kind before, i bet they are all really cute!
      I am so excited to see what you have sent me! i got a package in the mail today and i was like "oh my god is that my poodles!?!!" Travis laughed at me. haha. I can't wait!

  3. What an amazing haul! Everything is so cool! Happy Easter :)

  4. amazing!!!!!!! i am so sad i couldn't make it to that one. i feel like i am missing out on really great things! argggh!

    1. i feel like the next few i go to will have to be a bust, because the last few have been so good!

  5. oh i love the books! how cool!

  6. Those are some sweet map puzzles. I've always been drawn to those too for some reason.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  7. SO I bought 4 US Map jigsaw puzzles this weekend and the same yellow pyrex carafe because I smashed mine (it keeps the oj SUPER cold)---sister from another mister we score the same stuff again!

    Want that skunk game....i think I should collect skunks--they are too cute.

    Great scores!

    1. haha, it is like we are psychically connected. good thing we don't live on the same side of the country, we'd be coming to blows in thrift stores over board games and kistchy glasses! haha.

      i love skunks. i have a few, definitely on the lookout for more.

  8. Kicking the egg!! Eee!! Dang what a good haul! I wish they were all that amazing. And by the way, BRING THAT SKUNK GAME OVER! Are you fraid?


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