Thursday, May 10, 2012

A dreamy estate sale...

I'm finally going to post about the great estate sale that I went to three times last weekend. I didn't make it until 2 pm on the first day, I wonder what was there when they opened. This box in the back of my car made me so happy!

Just look at that! This is from my first trip through the house.
I almost screamed when I walked into the bathroom and saw this poodle bottle cover. I have wanted one ever since Heidi did a post about them. There was so much knitted kitsch in the house! In the bathroom alone there was this poodle, two of those lady toilet paper covers, an owl, and a few long stripes of knitted bows. I only got this guy. I can't decide where to put it, I need it to be somewhere that I will see it every single day! 
A got a good haul of vintage Christmas! Most of this was in a little attic space above the garage. The people running the sale seemed to think no one would want that stuff, so they made me a good deal. As is, two bucks for everything! There was actually more that I left because I was sure they were going to charge me more. Oh well, not like I really NEED anymore Christmas stuff.
I can't resist a reindeer.
I love this silly thunder thighs Santa.
I've been on the lookout for spun cotton head things so I was so happy to find that angel! It and the santa heads with the huge beards were under a bunch of zippers in a huge box of craft stuff. One of the women running the sale was like "There is so much craft stuff here, but we didn't find many completed crafts" and I kind of wanted to say "Uhhhhh did you see all the amazing crafts ALL OVER THE HOUSE?" 
This match box is so cute. I bet she used it to store things, it has some cotton inside.

And then there are these. The styrofoam! The rick rack! The knitted candle! Heavenly.
Look! Another one of those cats with a paper and pencil! I just need one more and it is officially a collection! These trivets are really cool, I hadn't seen any like them before.
Can you see the bottle caps inside?
A little vintage towel action. The pink and yellow ones are my favorite kind.
Oh lordy, just LOOK at these pot holders! There was a bin full! I just had to pick out my favorites because they were all awesome! Jamie at Owl Really actually picked up some of the other ones! These are really too pretty to use. I'm not sure what I'll do with them.
I just LOVE them! They are really soft. I wonder if she used them?
They all had different numbers and letters on the back. I wonder what they mean!
The reason I went to the sale in the first place was because of a picture they posted of a little shadow box filled with little figures. When I walked in the shelfs were almost empty and I was bummed. But it turns out they had put all the tiny stuff in bags and put them in the garage. Of course the bags had half good stuff and half crap per bag. I might have sweet talked my way into getting to make my own bag. Haha. Here is all the cute woodland stuff I got! I love the deer! 
Teeny tiny! Each one has a date written on the bottom. The silly raccoon is bone china.
Bottom of the squirrel. Anges and Ethel! Agnes owned the house, and Ethel was her friend. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.
I can't resist silly magnets either. The pom pom with the bottle cap mouth is probably my favorite.
Sweet little knitted cookies.
Walnut craft! I always love that.
Of course I found some empty 8mm reels for a steal! I don't really need more, but I couldn't resist. They had a reel vault too that I wish I would have gotten. I wonder what happened to her movies. I KNOW she had some (i bought her travel scrapbooks and they are incredible, wait until you see!)

Ok, I'll leave it there for now. There is just too much good stuff to put in one post!


  1. Wowzers! What a haul! Love the knitted kitsch stuff. What do you think makes an official collection? 3 of something?
    Looking forward to the next posts on that sale..

    1. i think it takes 3 to make a collection. just because.

  2. Wow you found a lot of amazing stuff! The magnets and the cat with paper and pencil are probably my favouirtes.

  3. sooo awesome!!! can i see that owl pot holder sometime? i'd like to make a pattern and make some! now that i have made bibs, i feel fearless! (not really! but it was my first time using batting and now i do feel a little more confident in my sewing!)

  4. I love all the Christmas decorations and sweet little deers! XO.

  5. love it when you hit an estate sale that just makes you giddy when you go through...and a crafter...hurray!
    Agnes and Ethel - awesome!

  6. Can't believe the stuff you get at these estate sales! the woodland creatures are awesome!And i love all the vintage christmas stuff! We're getting two chickens soon, ethel and Agnes would make great names for them!

  7. Ahhh! The watermelon pot-holder and ALL the Christmas stuff, fantastic x

  8. I am drooling! I just love all this kind of stuff - it makes my mother's skin crawl so I love it all the more. The poodle is amazing. I want to read more about Agnes and Ethel!

    1. hahah, my mom pretty much hates it too! and my grandma makes fun of me of all my "old stuff." i love it!

  9. Look at all those treasures! We cannot believe you find such good stuff!

  10. You got some awesome stuff! I've got a collecton of those knitted poodle covers but I don't have a hot pink one!

  11. Nice estate loots. I especially love those kitschy pot holders!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  12. You definitely hit the motherload at the estate sale, I LOVE the knitted cookies, the cat potholders, the knitted cat notebook/pencil holder and the tiny ceramic deer. I wish I was more crafty as I'd attempt to re-create some of the potholders you found!

  13. What fantastic finds! Love the potholders.

  14. Great finds! I love the vintage Christmas stuff! Looks like it was a fabulous sale.

  15. Found your blog a couple weeks ago and couldn't believe that I have spoken to you at a couple of sales around town. I'm the pregnant chick who picked up the creepier pbns at the estate sale in donelson. love your blog! I was poking around in this ladies attic too! I also scored some Christmas stuff but mostly old bulbs for all of my vintage light strands. I now wish that I would have asked for their price instead of making an offer! Oh well, I still got a bunch of great stuff for next year. I will look for you at the next one.

  16. I love those potholders! The cat head is my favorite. Awesome scores lady!


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