Friday, May 11, 2012

An ode to Agnes

The best thing about that estate sale last weekend was this. There were three books of photos. At least I hope there was only three. I flipped through them of course, since I'm obsessed with vintage photos, but passed them up on day one, because they wanted a lot for them. 
The next day I went back to the sale (I took Travis. The night before when I showed him what I got he had to immediately go out to the Goodwill Outlet. Hahah!). I looked more closely and couldn't resist this red book. It was full of pictures of Tennessee and Florida. When I got home and really studied it, it got better and better!
I just took photos of the pages, there are too many to scan! This first page is pictures of Agnes and her Friendship class at Rock Island in McMinville. I happen to love Rock Island and go there all the time in the summer!
There are tons of pictures of squirrels, I love that she circled them so many times. That is something I totally do! I felt a real kinship with Agnes. I love how she labels everything. I really can't believe no one in the family wanted these!
Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine! We went there in February!
I took almost this same exact photo while I was there.
Daytona Beach, this is the amphitheater. I have seen it a bunch of times. It is by a huge ugly mall now.
A trip to Memphis, including the zoo, the Pink Palace, and the Crystal Shrine Grotto! With every page I turned and every place I have been I saw, I got more and more excited! This is pretty much the ultimate find for me!
And here are her pictures from the same place we went hiking in the smokies in the fall. The bottom left photo is Agnes' travel companion Ethel on one of the little half bridges we walked over. 
Ethel in front of some pretty frozen water.
You know I fliped out when I saw these! Rock city! It looks like lovers leap didn't have rails at all at this time! Which is crazy! It is so high up!
I didn't notice this gem until I got home.
Ughhhhh how perfect! I love these kinds of postcards, but I've never found one in real life.
It is in really pristine condition. I'm so happy to have found this book!
So after looking through this book all night, I was SICK that I hadn't gotten the other too. I decided I had to go back, and had Travis call in the morning and get them to hold to books for me. I didn't get off work until 2:3o and was kind of freaking out all day, worried that they would decide to sell them to someone else. I hurried straight there after work, and it is a good thing! They were just about the put them back out! I scooped them up and can't wait to show you the rest!
I also got this awesome sign from in the attic. Oh Agnes Brown, I have GOT to find out more about you! I think i'm going to cut the painted portrait out and put it in a really cool old frame I've been saving. What a sale! I feel like this lady and I would have been good friends if we had been born at the same time. It is nice to feel that kind of connection with a sale. I'm actually heading to another sale this afternoon in a house that looks like it hasn't changed much since the late sixties. I can't wait!


  1. awwwww! you and agnes are connected through space and time now! she seems like she was a pretty cool lady :-)

  2. Totally amazing find! I would love to find a piece of history like that for my neck of the wood. Agnes' angel must be so happy that you're enjoying her treasures. How could her family sell that stuff!?!?

    1. i can't believe they sold it! my only guess was she wasn't close to her family. there wasn't any mens clothes or kid stuff, so maybe she was unmarried and didn't have a close relative.

  3. Okay so the circling of squirrels in the photos is simply amazing- and even more so that you found a kindred spirit in these albums. It's like the universe led you to them- kinda like how in Harry Potter they say the wand chooses the wizard, these albums chose YOU!

  4. I love all the personal items you find. The people would love how you are showing the world how important their history s and how rad it is. i am alway looking for photos but can never find them.

    1. i only see photos at the flea market usually. i have only found photos at two estate sales ever!

  5. I love thrift store/estate sale/antique fair shopping through your blog while I'm at work.

  6. Girl, at that stuff!! Wow! I love that Agnes Brown poster with the strength of a thousand suns. And those photos! Whoo! I can not for the life of me imagine Lover's Leap without rails. That is SO freaky.

    1. I can't decide if i should keep the poster whole or cut her face out and frame it. i almost left it because i thought the people running the sale would think i was a weirdo for wanting it. which is crazy!
      seriously, the pictures of people standing right on the edge! ahh!

    2. I vote to not cut it. There is something about the whole of it that is SO fabulous. The handwritten text is pretty sweet. I felt the same way when I bought my Uncle Herbert painting. The relative seemed so suspicious of why I'd want a painting of HER relative.

  7. As a Memphian, I can tell you that the Pink Palace and Crystal Shrine Grotto look the same,lol.The zoo,however,is totally different.Awesome old pictures


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