Monday, June 4, 2012

Estate Sales with my buddies!

There are at least 6 sales every weekend now that the weather is nice, which is awesome/bad for my wallet. There were two that looked good this past weekend, and I ended up going to them with Lisa  and Eartha Kitsch ! I think we should call every time we hang out a meet up, and get sponsors and swag bags or something. I'm so happy I met these girls in person. They are so much fun! Lisa recently wrote a great post about looking at the listings on and deciding whether a sale is worth going too. If you aren't studying the pictures every week you might be missing out!
Here is the box of goodies I brought home.
We met at Eartha's house (and the front room was amazing and I'm hoping the clutter was just hidden in the rest of the house! if not, how do you do it??) and rode together to the sales. The first one was pretty close to her house. I had actually gone the day before because I just couldn't wait, but there was still great stuff to see! This is the sale where I picked up the squirrel dress!
There was a whole table of toys from the 1950's! A lot of the interesting ones were bought before we got there, but there was still some great stuff. I'm still holding out for the perfect metal doll house. I even have the perfect spot picked out for it!
The fabled monkey cage! It wasn't as exciting and I was hoping. I think I was imagining something with a tiny palm tree in it. I wish there had been a picture of the monkey in the cage! There was a hand knit dog outfit on that table to the right (It was tiny though, so I didn't get it. Also, the girls have a pretty full wardrobe already).The family apparently had lots of pets, including two toy poodles. 
Very nice granny craft. I was able to resist because of the price.
So many cute toys!
Here is our collective haul! Can you see a theme? I think Eartha said it best. "Who let the dogs out?" Hahah. Look at that portrait! I had seen it the day before and LOVED it but really don't have a spot that it will fit on my walls. Thankfully Eartha got him (his name is Luther!) and I know he will be put in a place of honor. Luther was actually in my dream last night! Look at his sweet face! It makes me want to get huge blown up framed pictures of all my animals! 
Here we are driving to the next stop! I remember thinking "remember what we're talking about right now" because it was really funny but now I've forgotten, of course. Cool story, bro. 
The next house wasn't as full of amazing things as we were expecting, but there was a bunch of cool stuff to look at. Like this cute wooden doll house! The pictures had shown a whole table of vintage Halloween. I'm sure that got snatched right up.
That counter is from a diner! With a metal edge! And those stripes! I wish there was a place in my house it would go! What a cool piece. I didn't even see a price on it. 
Eartha debated asking if she could buy the Joy, but never did. She found a really cool potato chip can! I never look for vintage packaging like that, but I'm going to have to keep an eye out from now on! Don't you love the mint tile in the kitchen? And Those curtains look more interesting than I remember... are they oranges? Hmmm.
I kind of wish I had gotten this crewel work. The flowers are really "puffy" and coming off of the background. I thought it was too big, but now I'm thinking I could have made it work. Oh well. This is the room in which we found Lisa clutching some of the best vintage dresses I've seen at a sale like this! Just you wait until she posts about them! She also told me "Please tell me if I start to look like Grandpa Munster" when the wind blew her beehive and I've been cracking up about it ever since. (Well, that was later. There was no wind in this house, even though the house kind of felt like it was falling apart.)
I'm always tempted by these vintage Electrolux vaccums,. but I'm not sure how I would display it! They are cute though! 
Now I've got five shakers like this. They are all different though! This guys blue lip is pretty great.
Look at the skunk decal in the bathroom! I had to include this zoomed out shot because Eartha and I kept pulling out our cameras at the same moment and taking pictures of all the same things. So if you want to see slightly different angles of all of these images, just head over to her blog.
After that sale we stood around in the driveway and talked excitedly for a while. It was so fun to go to sales with them! Travis can sometimes get impatient when I make my third round through a house and start digging through bins of vintage Christmas paper scraps, but these ladies get it! I didn't feel self conscious about my craziness at all. I hope we can do it again soon!
I stopped at Sonic for a snack on the way home and saw this cute van!
Cheese tots are my weakness! I shared these with Travis though. I know better than to get the huge size just for myself! A slush and some cheese is a great way to end a fun morning of estate sale shopping. I'll show you what I got tomorrow! It was a pretty great haul!


  1. I had Sonic after too! How weird! Just reading about our day makes me wish I was still there. And wow, I can't stop thinking about that haunted doll house. Wishing I'd gone back and checked it out on the last day. And you're right! Those curtains have oranges on them! I didn't even notice them at all that day. They might have been a cute score. Your pictures look great. I guess that's the upside of bringing the nice camera!

  2. p.s. Thanks! And you're damned right the clutter was hidden. If you could have opened any closet, you would have been like, "oh god..."

    1. hmmm i really should utilize my closets for clutter hiding! most of mine is in floor piles or on table tops. haha.

  3. Those cheese tots look amazing. Amazing in a I-know-this-is-bad-but-it's-also-so-good way. I've been feeling that way a lot. I've been eating doughnuts like they're going out of style.

    1. oh man, i hear ya. those freaking cheese tots are really a weakness for us!

  4. Oh my goodness it looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing time! I've been wanting to check out some estate sales for what seems like forever, but it just hasn't happened yet. But I think seeing all the great things you guys got has lit a fire under my butt to make sure it happens!

    And I must say I am absolutely in love of that dog painting! It is so wonderful!

    1. you have to go to one! i hardly even thrift anymore, estate sales are just so much better!

  5. DUDE, WHY DID WE NOT ALL GO TO SONIC. I almost went but then ended up cold cut snacking at the casa. Booooo. Next time, we're making a pact! A tater tot pact.

    I had so much fun going to the sales with you guys! It's so nice to have simpatico estate sale companions (as opposed to the well meaning, but like you said, tacitly-implying "are you REALLY going to go down in that basement again? Again?" company I sometimes I keep). I just did a post on my sequin dresses, which I mustered up the courage to wear outside of the house on the patio for the purpose of historical photography. Will I have the nerve to wear them out in public? Only time will tell! Still, I'm glad I got 'em.

    Also, yes, Eartha, your house is too blinkin' cute to even be real. Closet clutter = doesn't even count. Out of sight, out of mind! It's when you can't close the closet (ie, my coat closet) that things get hinky!

    1. how funny would it have been if we had all noticed each other, sitting in our cars at that sonic. haha.

  6. Jea-lous! ;) That estate sale looked awesome. I'm loving those Pippu Longstocking books, they were a favorite growing up. But mostly I'm jealous of the fun company you had! I guess husbands are just like that, lol. Mine will look a bit, then it's out to the car for him. I'm sure he must thing I'm nuts for the majority of the things I get excited about.

  7. Looks like y'all had an awesome time! Such cool stuff to rumage through, I need to try this one day!

    What Lola Wants

    1. yes! you need too! it seems like nashville has a high concentration of good estate sales. i've looked in cities when i travel but never find much.


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