Thursday, June 7, 2012

Knit Wit Kit!

Like I said, I had to do a whole post about this craft kit that I got at one of the estate sales last weekend. It wasn't priced, and I was worried they would charge me 30 bucks or something...
But look at that cover! The bunny! The weird "hat"! The poodle! I had to ask! And they ended up only wanting five bucks. Perfect! Sold!
It is so cute, I've been looking online to see if I could find other kits or patterns, like the cute octopi on the box! It turns out you can still buy knit wits! Apparently it is one of those "As Seen On Tv" things and you can make an afghan in 48 hours. They have a pattern for a daisy afghan, which reminds me a great afghan I bought at the flea market! I can't see much in the picture, but I wonder if mine was made on a knit wit! i should try it out.
My kit comes with patterns for all three projects on the front, plus a few other ones. Those bunny slippers! There is a whole tree full of birds too. On the official site they still sell what seem to be vintage patterns like this poodle and humpty dumpty.
Before I buy anymore, I need to check it out and see if I can make the rabbit. I love that all the pieces are in here, and that pink bow. I hope this was a gift, and the bow was stuck in there because of how perfectly it matched. 
If you search on ebay you can find some cute stuff for the knit wit, including a few kits!
1965 Rooster Kit
Men's Swimwear (yarn bathing suit!)
Afghan Pattern Book


  1. I've never seen/heard of these but they are awesome. Totally ooking into this

  2. pomigod! i am the most jealous! that thing is amazingggg! you should start making things right now. go ahead!

  3. Wow! lol Don't you just love finding little oddities like this?!

  4. I want to see a picture of you staged to look like the girl on the front, complete with pink bonnet and little friends. Hopefully that's not too much to ask because that would ROCK. I'd completely forgotten about those old knit wits commercials until you mentioned it! They DID make it look SO easy.

  5. That is way cool! Another good find!

  6. That little girl and her pink minions are way creepy. Total score.

  7. Too much rad to be contained to one box


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