Friday, July 13, 2012

Doll Workshop Sale

I went to an estate sale a little south of the city in Thompson Station. When I saw the address I couldn't figure out where it was, then I felt dumb when I got there and it was the road I drive down to get to my in-laws house. Haha, I've only been down it 100 times! The house was tucked up at the top of a hill with great views. This picture doesn't really show it, but I'm going to post it anyway.
This house belonged to a couple that loved and repaired dolls. There were toys everywhere.
At first I thought this kitty was on velvet. Too bad it wasn't.
There were TONS of cute vintage dolls.
My favorite part of the house was the doll workshop! No one else shopping at the sale was interested in the room at all. I bet I spent 45 minutes in there looking though boxes FULL of doll parts.
Boxes full of shoes. I don't know much about dolls and don't collect them so I didn't get much.
So many boxes of doll wigs! And boxes full of craft projects. It was so fun. Any most boxes were one or two dollars. There were huge bins full of dollhouse furniture for like, 10 bucks.
The upstairs bedroom had four tables full of bagged dolls.
After I paid, I drove pretty far and out of the way to go this antique store that I remembered being awesome a few years ago when we lived in Columbia. It was so cute and weathered from the outside.

I keep seeing awesome dinette sets everywhere! I really love this one. It wasn't that expensive either.
But over all the store was really empty and I didn't find anything worth carrying to the front. Such a bummer! I did get some cute stuff at the sale though. I'll come back tomorrow and show you!


  1. Oh! I'd love to visit a doll workshop. I have an appreciation for collectors and doll makers who know their stuff, since I'm one of those amateurs who can just say remarkably generic things like "that's a nice doll" Lol.

    Then again I have to admit to not really going for the pretty ones. I dig the creepy ones.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. I love those reto dining sets, I remember we had a yellow one at home.....

  3. I would have been all over that doll workshop. The photo you have of the cardboard box with the doll parts has a half celluloid doll I would have snagged. And shoes..always after mary jane like shoes....

    1. oh man, i had picked up that celluloid doll but assumed they would be pricing high since this company always does. i meant to go back and get it after i saw the other prices, but forgot! dangit!

  4. I would have loved to dig through all that doll stuff. The dinette reminds me of the one my Grandmother had. We still have it in the family up at my sister's lake house.

    1. that is awesome! Our dinette belonged to my husband's grandmother! i love when things like that stay in the family.

  5. I would have grabbed the dollhouse stuff!

  6. That kitten picture. That's what would have been my weakness. And wow! to have been able to pick through all of that stuff! You've had some good estate sale-ing lately!

  7. That's so romantic. What a treasure trove for you!

  8. Ugh! Those little doll curlers give me such a visceral memory. The feeling of putting the clips on my fingers and then waving them around. I guess I was pretty easy to occupy as a kid.

    I think doll doctor is still somewhere on my list of perfect jobs. I'd even settle for an unpaid doll hospital candy striper gig.


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