Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Vintage Home

I've got one more house to show you before I show you my great loot from last weekend! I'm actually skipping out on sales this weekend. Nothing looked that tempting, and I'm saving my pennies for an amazing looking sale in Inglewood next week! 
This was a really great sale. I actually went back the next day as well. This lion was on the bathroom wall! I almost asked how much it was, but sadly you can hang anything on my bathroom walls. I love his faux frame though. And his stylish hair. 
I have been seeing tile like this a lot lately and I love it!
This couch was sold when I got there, but good news! When they told me it had sold to "a cute vintage girl who always comes to our sales" I hoped against hope that I knew who they meant, and it was true! Lisa over at She Was a Bird snapped it up! Go check out her post to see it in it's full glory, and the matching chair! I'm so happy she got them. They are gorgeous!
There was piles of good stuff at this sale. I still don't feel like I saw everything.
I love this chair/lamp/curtain combo. They had a few great vintage hanging lamps. I wish now I would have picked up that yellow planter.
I love a good shelf paper.
Spoiler alert! I ended up taking these plastic flowers home with me. I hemmed and hawed over them because I couldn't decide if they were cute or ugly. Cute won out! And I'm glad! I'll show you the rest of what I picked up tomorrow!


  1. That flower arrangement? Definitely cute! I really wanted to go to that sale. i bet I could have done some serious damage to my bank account. It looks like it's overflowing with fantasticalness.

    1. i really feel like i could go back a third time and come away with another box of stuff. such a great little house!

  2. I'm loving this! Feels like I get to go to the sale with you! This one looked awesome. The lion is so neat.

  3. Oh I am so SO very jealous of this sale. And I can't believe you left that awesome lion behind! He's amazing.

    1. i know! i also left behind some bathroom wall fish that match the mermaid i bought. why???

  4. Your picture of my sofa is so much better than my picture of my sofa, even with all the stuff still on it! :) Thanks for the shout out! I was in such a fog after I bought that set that I didn't even see a lot of the neat stuff in the other rooms, as evidenced by this photo. When we went to pick up the furniture, I saw a woman rolling that brown and gold two toned bar cart out to her car, and I had a momentary twinge of regret for not looking over things more carefully. I love what you got, though! PS: How neat was that spooky cat cookie jar (in the couch pic on the side table?). I wish he wasn't 100+ dollars... Too rich for my blood.


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