Wednesday, October 3, 2012


There was SO much good Christmas stuff at the sale I posted about yesterday. I wish I could have really taken my time and seen everything. But that isn't how it goes. Here is a bunch of my stuff in a tin. Can you see the tragedy in there? I knocked the tin off the table right before I took these pictures and broke one of my favorite finds from that weekend. So sad.
Could I love that felt tree anymore? That is actually one of the things I saw in the preview pictures that I really wanted! And I can't leave behind a celluloid deer. I love that big deer's pose too! So jaunty.
Spun cotton snowmen are always a yes.
There were more of these little pine cone guys and now I'm regretting not getting them all! They are so creepy cute. But this is a pretty nice little group.
These little made in Japan guys are so cute. Those eye brows!

I didn't see this box until my second time through the house (I have to go through the house at least three times, do you do the same thing?) I liked the paper so much, but then I opened it.
A pink Christmas corsage! Such a good addition to my collection!
I got a little bag of Easter too! I love that flat paper bunny. And the weird little spun heads.
There is a better shot of that pencil sharpener. It is perfect! I was so excited to get these egg cups, so I'm extra bummed that I broke the rabbit! Ugh! I've glued it back together but it isn't the same. Can you see his little legs on the sides? And I had to get those poodles of course.
Crying a river over here. I'm still going to put him out for Easter though.
And last but certainly not least, this is another item I saw in the pictures that I hoped to get.
Let's get a close up on that tag!
Oh how gorgeous! I LOVE mercury pics, and vintage balls, and pink, and deer!
And here it is out of the box, without the deer. I think I might just hang it somewhere and keep it up year round. It will go well in our bedroom, which is kind of a shame because it is so beautiful!
I'm so happy with what I came home with! What a sale! It really had some of the best stuff I've seen around here. I could have spent so much! Looking through these pictures makes me want to go to another sale right now! 


  1. That wreath is gorgeous! And omg, those little poodles <3 so cute.
    I love the little egg cups too

  2. Somebody must have lovingly kept that corsage for years... It makes me kinda sad!

  3. I'm so glad you got the wreath. It really could not be more perfect with the pink Christmas tree skirt you blogged about. Your holiday decor is going to be awesome!

  4. It's all so great! But the wreath and the corsage are making me soooo jealous! ;)
    Congrats on getting so many cute things!

  5. (okay, something got hung up in the comments so if my comment comes up three times, I am NOT insane). found so many things that I never even saw! What the heck was I looking at? Was I even in the same house?

  6. The wreath is to die for! and I always go through the houses at least 3 times!

  7. That wreath is amazing! What great finds you got :)

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  9. Oh my goodness! That wreath! So snazzy! Your new corsage is so lovely and is your little felt tree wearing a bow tie, because it totally looks like that to me. So much goodness!

  10. OMG so envious of that pink wreath!!! Is it made with feathers? Lovely decorations too, I have some similar pieces (including the little snowmen made of pipe cleaners hehe).

    1. yes! it is feathers! i need to hang it up and leave it alone because every time i pull it out of the box it sheds a few. haha.

  11. Goodness, you did really well! Love the egg cups even though the one took a little spill. :-) and that wreath is nuts! So fancy!

  12. I'm so glad you fought out all those other people for that wreath, it was worth it.....!! In the box! Atta girl!

  13. Love the wreath. I just reworked some that needed a little TLC. Great score on the reindeer corsage.


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