Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The one we'd been waiting for!

There had been a listing up for this sale for a LONG TIME and it was awesome. I should have screen capped it to show you guys or something. I was mostly excited about the "100's of Christmas items" advertised, and they even had some vintage Halloween! I asked off work to make sure I could be in the door right after it opened! The night before I could hardly sleep and had a nightmare about being at the wrong door and missing everything. I met up with my bff Crystal and her husband and we met Eartha Kitsch about an hour and a half before they opened the doors and we were about 15th in line! Which was ok, since they were letting in 25 people at a time.
We killed time talking about blogs and other sales and Crystal got out her new tarot cards and tried to find out if I would get what I was hoping for. Haha. They turned out to be wrong, and the ladies behind her in line were giving her some pretty legendary stink eye.
Sadly I don't have lots of photos for you. Once those doors opened there was a MAD rush into the house. I hadn't seen anything like it! I didn't even get to SEE the Halloween stuff! By the time I was in the holiday room, it had all been whisked away. There was still tons of  Christmas left though.
I resisted that tupperware. A first for me.
I wanted to buy that cute pumpkin pie tin but they wanted too much. Bummer.
Such a cute little decal on this little rocking chair. It was pretty busted up though.
I wish I had gone back and looked at the jewelry again. There were so many good things! I'm really regretting not getting those white flowers! And I'm almost regretting not getting that poodle. They wanted ten bucks though. And I already had spent more than I've ever spent at a sale! Ah! But it was worth it. And I got to meet Lauren, another Nashville vintage enthusiast!
Goodness it was insane in that house! So crowded and people were going crazy! I know that a lot of the stuff I got would have been gone if I had gone by later in the day, but I don't know how many other sales I would be up for waiting in line for. I'm just not much of a fighter. But enough of that, you want to see what I got!
I told myself I wouldn't buy even one more vintage apron, but I HAD to get the poodle one!
There was a whole stack of unused baby blankets. This was the cutest by far! It is REALLY soft.
I picked up the kitchen utensil for the handle, and Eartha figured out it is for spreading icing. How cute! I can't pass up a cute light switch cover EVER. It is hard to tell in this picture but there is an eagle on it. The little dog is a pencil sharpener! Crystal found it for me. She was a great helper. She doesn't buy much, but she is good at finding stuff that I will love!
I have been wanting one of these spy cameras for a long time! I finally just bit the bullet and got it. Even though it was more than I like to spend (which is 1 dollar on everything, haha)
So cute!
I got this cute Uncle Wiggily board! I'll come back tomorrow and show you the Christmas stuff I got before this post gets 5 miles long.


  1. You are the estate sale queen!! I love that little spy camera!!

  2. I am still kicking myself over some stuff I didn't get at that sale, but as it was, I spent my weekend's estate sale budget and filled up the trunk of my car. It did teach me a lesson about being there early, though. And it was super-fun to meet you and Eartha in person. Your friend Crystal was in line by me at the check-out, and I loved that she was buying one of those little mink stoles with the face & feet...they are so creepy but cute at the same time.

  3. ATTA GIRL! Look at that swag! Now I'm sure the poodle pin wasn't there; I would have definitely scooped that up. :) Love the spy camera (with case!) and the apron. Eartha said your christmas finds were out of control, so I'm looking forward to the next post!

  4. Oh my gosh! Does the spy camera work?! That is so neat! My favourite find is probably your cake icing spreader. So neat.

    1. they were working cameras, i think it is hard to find film/someone to develop it now! but i'm going to look into it!

  5. Lost for words! I looks like the best house ever, like the last 50 years didn't happen!

  6. Looks like it was a fabulous sale. I get real antsy the night before a big sale too! It's almost like I'm a child on Christmas eve! Love the poodle apron. Can't wait to see the Christmas goodies!

  7. So looking at that picture you took of the cabinet of kitchen stuff- Can I just say in our kitchen at my parents growing up my mom had Tupperware that looked just like that I believe it was yellow. It even had containers labeled Sugar and flour etc. She still has those in her kitchen now and still uses then for what they're labeled for. They also have that same pitcher in brown, that mixing bowl with the handle on the top shelf AND they had those same baking dishes on the bottom right. Not sure if they still have the baking dishes, but knowing them them they probably do- They keep everything!!! I feel like I'm looking into their cabinets!

  8. Sounds intense! I have one of those kitchen utensil things that was my grandmas. I always saw her use it when she needed to get pie or sugar cookie dough off the counter. She used it to frost too. Glad the sale turned out to be everything you wanted it to be.

  9. Estate sales are way crazier in Chicago... I usually have to camp out 3-4 hours before the opening of the sale to be one of the first 50 people in the door!

    It's too bad about the vintage Halloween items, I know how rare they are, I never see them outside of ebay/antique malls. You found scores of cute items as usual, I was so envious of the spy cam when you posted it on instagram! I almost bought one at a flea market last weekend but it was $25 and was a little rusty. Can't wait to see your holiday treasures!

    1. wow! i'm always jealous of all the vintage events happening in chicago. there is NOTHING down here except the flea market once a month. but i guess it is good for me because i have less competition at the estate sales!


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