Monday, December 17, 2012

Estate Sale Finds!

Here is what I picked up at the sale I posted about a few days ago. I tried to hold myself back, but it was hard! So check out all this kid stuff!
Here is most of it. I got three plates like the one in the back in the middle. I'm trying to replace a set of 70's ones I have. They are green and yellow and make every thing I put on them look unappetizing. I don't know why I didn't get a close up of the baby's nest egg bank, or the rolly yellow seal! How cute!
A selection of vintage squeaky toys. My favorite is the bear. He reminds me of one I saw over at Magpie Ethel's. I might redo that little elephant with some vintage Christmas bits and put him on my tree! If I ever put it up this year.
I told myself no more planters until I used the ones I have. But this little lamb was just too sweet, and half off on the last day. I like the plastic flowers too. The little skunks under him are bone china I think.
Travis picked up these Junior Deluxe Editions on the first day of the sale. My collection is outgrowing my shelf now!
Another thing I really love are the wax animals that you get at the zoo. Those old machines are so cool, and the wax smell makes me very nostalgic. These two are from the Overton Park zoo, which is what the Memphis Zoo used to be called. I meant to look up some info and try to date them, but I was too lazy. Ha!
This poodle is awesome. It is one of the first things I picked up. I was happy enough with it, but when I got to the table to pay, they pointed out...
That it is a tape measure! Ahh! How cool! There was a thimble on the tail to apparently.
An Easter pic, a chalk wall dog, and two little rattles. 
I'm not a big Pooh fan, but I couldn't resist this sweet pink Pooh. He was made but gund, and I couldn't find another pink one online. I like his sweet face.
Apparently he belonged to Erin. You know I love little notes like this.
Cute keychain, and two tiny pins! I've been jealous of the Jimmy Carter peanut charm bracelet that Lisa found at a sale we went to together, so I was thrilled to find this tiny peanut pin! The owl is on a tiny cross section of a stick.
A few holiday items. The bunny and chicks were buried in a big bag of modern Easter grass. The mica bird has seen better days, but I'm hoping I can rehab it. The people running the sale laughed when I pulled the knee hugging elf out of my basket. I had found it in the back of a closet. Sue, one of the ladies who owns the company said "Well you WOULD find an elf!" Haha, they know me well.
Some velvety bows! Travis picked these up for me the first day too. 
A cute Pink Panther puppet by Gund. 
This little bucket hat reminds me of the hat Travis' uncle is wearing in the picture at the bottom of this post, which I am obsessed with! You pull the flap down and those are your sunglasses!
And last but not least, a little embriodery kit. It kind of reminds me of one of those coveted God Bless Our Pad kits, but not as great of course.


  1. The poodle is so awesome, never seen anything like it!

  2. I will be back to relook at everything here probably at least 6 times....
    Pleeease do the embroidery kit.
    Pleeeease enjoy the most special Pink Panther puppet ever.
    Pleeeease never let the cat break the most precious lamb planter on this green earth.
    Pleeease stop makin me so jelly!
    God, I love your blog.

  3. Estate sales must be so much fun!!! Love the tape measure poodle!

    Hope you get your tree up soon!!

  4. love the squeaky toys of course, I have two of those that you found. Awesome bucket hat! My brother used to wear one when he was a kid and so, so wish he had one as cool as that one!

  5. I love the lamb planter with plastic flowers, soooo sweet!

  6. Man alive you come across the best stuff! I am smitten with that green owl keyring, it couldn't get any + owl + kitsch! I love the old animals too. Super cute! Xx

  7. Wow, you found so many adorable (if not slightly creepy!) things! That poodle is so amazing - and yes, you can see that there used to be a thimble on the tail! That little hat with the sunglasses is also really cute. It must have been so much fun rummaging for all of these finds!

    Incendiary Blonde

  8. These are some great goods, lady. The Pooh bear and the Pink Panther are killin' it, the little assortment of squeaky guys are adorable, and you found a JC peanut pin! YAAAAY! Also, what is happening with that measuring tape nosed poodle? And the "You said a mouthful!" bucket sunglasses hat? SO! CRAZY! I love it. Weren't these kids some lucky sixties' kids? And aren't we lucky to get to enjoy their toys all over again?

  9. You should put "overton park zoo wax animals" into google and look at the images :)

  10. Oh and the wax animals are called mold-a-rama's :)

  11. I love that poodle! I sew (machine and hand) and I have embroidered but I have never used a thimble in my entire life. With a tape measure coming out of the nose, I wouldn't even know that the thimble was missing.

  12. Once again, great, great scores on the treasures, Rae! You know I am a sucker for the animal kitsch too! Funny, I just found a mold-a-rama dolphin at the Indianapolis GW Outlet a few weeks ago. I had forgotten how cool they were and really wish I had the ones I brought home from various childhood vacations. The ones you found are wonderful!


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