Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nostalgia in Knoxville

I don't get many days off with Travis so when I had this past Sunday off I decided we needed to take a a little road trip and get out of the house. So we headed a few hours east to Knoxville, Tennessee. Mainly we hung out with my good friend Dana, and she took us to the new location of a great antique mall they have called Nostalgia. I posted about the other location here, back when no one read my blog, haha! That time we got to see the shop pug! No such luck this time. But here are some things I saw: 
Do you see that book, The Calibrated Alligator? I LOVE it! The cover was cute too! But I didn't want to pay six bucks just for a cute cover. Oh well. I'm hoping I'll find a copy at the outlet!
What a beautiful portrait. 
 This was an original drawing! What do you think is going on though? Is the lady in green sculpting that head? Why are they so shocked about him putting the paper in his jacket pocket?
 Travis knows I love campfire girl stuff. I love that big circle patch! 
 Look at that rug! Have you ever seen anything like it? It wasn't for sale for some reason. I would have loved it for my craft room!
In the same booth was this perfect poodle pillow! It was so silky, with flocked poodles. But it was almost 40 dollars, and I know the cats would love to sink their claws into it!
 That little stripy guy is sweet. 
I've been on the lookout for a new light fixture for our dining room for a long time and I think  I've finally decided I want something like this. I've agonized over whether it would look dumb.
 I LOOOOOVED these calorie curtains! They were really small, or I would have bought them for my kitchen windows! I'm on the lookout for bigger ones.
Look at this amazing table cloth! Dutch hex signs! Travis wouldn't let me get it though. It is too small for our dining room table, and even though I made the argument that it would fit the card table, Travis said that I only use the card table for specific occasions, and I already have enough table clothes. Ugh! I still want it!
I also liked these old beef cake magazines! Haha, they would look so good on a coffee table! They were little catalogs that you could order sets of pictures from. Most of them were sexy pictures, but some where like this: 
Yes, I would like to order 12 photos of a cute guy in a striped sweater playing with kittens please!
I ended up only buying one thing, a vintage button up shirt with a really cute embroidery of a rainbow on the front! I can't believe I didn't take a picture. It is my first vintage clothing item that actually fits me! That is pretty exciting.
I didn't take pictures of anything else we did, but we had a great lunch at Tomato Head, and then played a really fun, silly wizard game with Dana and her fiance before heading home.
Oh! I'm lying, I took this picture of this cute old Arby's sign. Travis loves it when I ask him to slow down or pull over for stuff like this. Haha!


  1. Looks like you guys had a good day! Sometimes the looking is as much fun as the buying!

  2. I love old books, its one thing I do have a collection of and the picure is awesome too, I love old htings with that mystery to them. I probably would have wanted to take a photo of that sign too. There is this adorable donut shop caled donut put in NYC that I always want to photograph the inside of but its very small and Im afraid they might get offended. Its so vintage 50s with bins of bright donuts and old men waiting on you in paper hats and the old round stools. I need to get some of your photo confidence and ask if I can take some pics

    urban hounds

  3. I guess that is a record box, whatever it it, I like it!!

    It's fun finding old signs like that, they're few and far between around here!!

    Your envelope is in the mail.

  4. My favourite store! I love it to bits! Need to get over to K-town soon...god knows I'll spend all bloody day in there! I want that rug too! It'd be ever so smash in my owl/mushroom laundry room! And that Arby's sign is great! Knoxville has a LOT of great mid century kitsch signs and buildings that I just adore!

  5. I would have begged them to sell me the owl rug! It looks freakin' awesome!!

  6. I was wondering about the store. I've heard about it but never been there - it looks great! I lamented over that same record book last weekend at another store...sadly, too expensive. That campfire girl dress is amazing!

  7. Oh man, I LOVE Nostalgia! I got my Master's online though UT Knoxville, and only had to go to Knoxville TWICE to get the degree. I celebrated the beginning and end of my degree program by buying myself some presents there. :D

    Also, I don't think a light fixture like that would look dumb in a dining room. No way. I love that style! The first time I ever saw one in person, in the ladies room at the Greenhouse, I was all SQUEEEE! You could style the room with some masculine details to balance the girly fixture, too. That would look very cool.

  8. Madame! Have you seen my kitchen? I'm gonna email you a picture of the chandelier I have in there, it's very similar to the one you mentioned in this post. And you'll never guess from where! I was also worried it would look too Laura Ashley or cottage cozy with all the flowers and leaves, but it's pretty much the lighting fixture love of my life.

  9. OMG. I love that campfire girl dress. I would totally find a way to make an outfit out of it.

    I also have Steve's old boy scout stuff. I need to make that into an outfit too!

  10. Dying over the calorie curtains! I would've bought them if only to make something else out of that fabric!

  11. How rad is that campfire girls outfit. That man of your sure knows how to find some good stuff.


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