Thursday, June 20, 2013

Estate Finds! Masonic Lamp Edition!

So here is what I picked up at the sale I posted about the other day. The best thing is probably this amazing lamp! Remember how recently I was crying about how I needed some good lamps but never found any I liked? Well, now I have my poodle, and this ceramic beauty! Do you see the mason symbol? Travis is really into secret societies, and the masons so he was pumped when I brought this home!  It works, though we should probably rewire it, and I need the perfect lamp shade of course. 
 And here is my little folk art skunk family. I wish I knew the story behind them! I'm going to put them in my flower bed soon. The Story Book feels like a coloring book, and looks like one inside, I can't believe none of the illustrations have been colored in!
 I found another one of these silly little mice! I have another one in a suit, this one is a nurse! 
I couldn't resist this Girl Scout bracelet though at the time I thought it would be way too small for me to wear. But it fits! I LOVED selling cookies when I was a brownie scout, and I usually got the 150 plus patch!
These last two items aren't from that sale, they are from Travis' Grandma Betty! We went to visit her a few weeks ago and she gave me these two great items. I love those plastic cake plates that look like cut glass. And the pig cookie jar belonged to her mother! We were trying to figure out where it came from/when they got it but Grandma Betty said it had been around as long as she could remember. I'm going to try and research it sometime soon!


  1. LOVE the lamp! and such a sweet bracelet! I love old scouts and girl guides stuff! I always wear a girl guides belt that my mum used to wear when she was little :-P

  2. Great stuff! I'm so glad you got those skunks. I saw them in an ad after the sale was done and squealed at how rad they were.

    1. i'm glad you like them too! i was hopin' and prayin' they would still be there while i drove to the sale!

  3. That girl scout bracelet is sooo rad!!!! Such a great find.

  4. i like the piggie

    urban hounds

  5. Grandma Betty's treasures are sweet!!

  6. Love the skunks! Maybe they were made to scare real skunks away from someones garden or something. The gifts from Grandma Betty are so sweet! That pig cookie jar looks really old. I wish you luck on your research. You'll have to post what you find out because now I'm curious!

  7. "100 cookie honor"? Oooh, some little girl was so proud of that. What a great find!

  8. I had no idea that was a Masonic lamp on Instagram. Well done! Wow.


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