Monday, June 17, 2013

Estate Sale Sights

I haven't been hitting the sales as frequently this year so it took me a little while to gather some photos to share with you! Here are some of the things I've seen around town in the past month!
How great is this card! It was with a knife set and if I had needed one I would have bought it so I could have this card! I would love to see more wedding theme cards like this, like a toaster and a blender getting married!
 I love a felt craft, especially when there are pom poms and styrofoam balls involved! 
 Pretty adorable dish towel. It was super stained though, or it would have come home with me!
 Gorgeous pink and brown bathroom! 
 Every time I see one around town I wish my house had come with some beautifully colored tile.
 So many cute planters. I ALMOST bought the little yellow dog at the top left, but left it behind. I have way to many plantless planters already.
 Little elfy. 
I went to this awesome/weird house this past weekend. The owner had built it himself and it was so strange! All kinds of long rooms and stairs that came out of no where.
 Would you think I was weird if I told you the whole reason I went out to this sale was because I saw these skunks in the listing? Haha, I love them! I was so happy they were there on the second day!
Such a threatening sign! I went through and used my phone as a flashlight. I didn't find anything cool though. There were three or four ladies looking through another part of the barn and they told me that was there space and I could look once they were done! Ugh, please.  I just went inside.
Weird little dog house. I won't like, I kind of love old dog houses like that and would probably put on in our yard. They wanted too much for this one.
 Look at that huge bird cage! How cute!
 Anyone in the market for a big hornets nest? 
 Some cute old toys that I resisted. That monkey!
And look at this beautiful knotty pine bathroom! I like the vanity area and that heart chair! 
I picked up a few great things at this last sale, I'll show you tomorrow!


  1. i love that knife set card, so cute! The hornest nest though freaks me out

    urban hounds

  2. Those little skunks are so cute! And to bad you didn't need any knives, that card is fantastic!

  3. LUHVE the skunks, and the fork and knife bridal pair. You are brave to have resisted the latter of those items, AND the monkey, AND the planter. I don't know if I could have! Also, I always need a spare (empty) hornet's nest. Also, I want that vanity area in my house, uh, NOW. Can't wait ta see what ya got! :)

  4. that bathroom is divine! and I love all those planters!!

  5. :) I went to an estate sale two weekends ago with my mom and the bathroom was "strictly forbidden". I just KNEW behind that door was a pink tiled bathroom and thought of you ;) I wonder what you got! I'm feelin too hot and got too many kids here for the summer (six!!!) to make it out. It may be a good thing for me ;)

  6. Cute bird cage!


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