Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I said yesterday I've been super busy, so I thought I would share some instagram pics of what we've been up too. I'm still totally in love with instagram! It is such a fun way to share photos and see what everyone you know is doing all the dang time! 
Movies in the Park is one of our favorite things about summertime inNashville, but this year the movie list sucks! It was awesome to make it out to Grassy Knoll movie night to see Rebel Without a Cause! I got a bunch of people to go and I think I was the only one that enjoyed the movie. Ha! They are supposed to do Raising Arizona this month, I hope we can make it out.
We've been going to the movies a lot, which means we go to The Dog of Nashville a lot afterwards for veggie dogs! Their fries are SO GOOD too!
I got a ton of my hair cut off after growing it for almost 9 months! I think I am just meant to have short hair. I'm trying to keep up the short straight bang look. And I don't normally make Travis pose with me for a post haircut shot, this just happened to be on our anniversary so it seemed appropriate.
 Another sweet couple shot. 
 We went to Hayti to visit Travis' grandmother Betty. Her Christmas present from us was that we would come visit her for a weekend with Travis' brother and his wife too. I think she really loved it, and it was fun spending the weekend with her. Usually when we are there the whole family is around and it is so busy. They all love genealogy so we drove around to the graveyards in town and looked at their relatives pretty far back.
 While we were having dinner with Grandma Betty at the nursing home this little guy came through the door! I asked to hold him of course! He thinks I'm crazy I bet! I wish I could say I was posing, but no, I was just actually that enthusiastic about that little poodle.
 I have become completely obsessed with Star Trek. Can you believe it? I saw the new movie THREE TIMES in the theater! Haha, I don't know what has come over me. I'm making my way through Next Generation. Here I am watching Picard while editing some pictures for a friend.
There was a moth in our house and it was QUITE the event. These two followed it around and stared at it for hours.
 My good friend Thomas got a rad fancy projector so we've been over there to watch movies a few times recently. He made me watch Inception and I'll admit it was pretty good. He has lived in his house for MONTHS and has nothing on the walls, so I helped him hang up this gem the other day.
 Pricilla had her check up and it went great! Well, pretty good. She has gained FIVE pounds in the last year! I am really shocked. We measure their food and don't give them treats or table food! But I guess when we changed food brands we should have changed the amount they got. She has to lose two pounds before her teeth cleaning next month! And send us some good tooth vibes. Lets hope her bill won't be close to a grand like her sister's was. Ugh. Pugs!
I'm still into painting my nails! It is kind of like meditation for me. It means I have to be still and concentrate on one thing for a while. I'm still not great at it, but they are passable.
I'm still into making my bento lunches! My current obsession is making cucumber flowers. I didn't realize I liked cucumber until recently and now I can't get enough!
 These pandas are pretty precious too. I put Bragg's Liquid Aminos in them. 
 Here is what we brought to a bonfire/swimming party we went to about a week ago. Those vegan pies from Whole Foods are AMAZING, as is the vegan pizza from Mellow Mushroom. And I just found out that whole foods carries butter beer! How cute is that! It is really sweet, but fun for a party!
 I've been swimming a lot so far this summer which is awesome! The other day we had tater tots in the pool. Heavenly! And can you believe I'm posting a picture of myself in my bathing suit? You can't see anything but still! I got this bathing suit from Torrid and I love it!
I'll leave you with one last picture of this sweet girl!


  1. I am also totally in love with instagram

    urban hounds

  2. Instagram is the greatest invention!

  3. Love it :) Looks like some great summer's happenin! You make me want to delve into bento (after I google it and educate myself on what it is first) ;)

  4. Seems like you are having so much fun! And tater tots in the pool sounds absolutely delightful. I'm so jealous!

  5. That Garfield clock is amazing. I've never seen one like that before. Also, your bangs look awesome. I've been cutting mine on my own for awhile now but have trouble keeping them perfect. Your hair looks cute short. I would love to watch a movie at a park. I wish they had that where I live. What a cool idea.

  6. I am so jealous of your bento-ing! I used to do it but stopped. I ate better when I did it so it's kind of a bummer on both counts (kawaii and health).


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