Thursday, July 5, 2012

Estate Sale: Travis put his training to the test

Last Friday when I was about to leave for an estate sale I've been looking forward too when my car wouldn't start! I was super bummed, and even though (thankfully) I just had to get a new battery, I still wasn't able to go to the sale. Travis was sweet and went the next day for me when I was at work though. He knows my taste really well and I couldn't wait to see what he brought home for me! 
They advertised "lots of 1940's ephemera" and that is mostly what he brought home for me. I love it all! Those Hallmark date books are supposed to be for writing down birthdays and things, but she filled them with actual dates she went on! This lady was pretty boy crazy! I love the teeny tiny memo pad too! It is blank, I wonder why she kept it.
Just a little hand full of slides. that ones says "Me and my children down in the village"
Here it is up to the light. The other slides are similar. How cute!
Rocky City soap!
I'm getting quite a a little vintage Rock City collection this year.
Envelope with kisses! "This is the paper that Billy Ray sent my pin to me in. On August 31, 1949. It is pretty." This lady saved EVERYTHING.
I was confused about why he brought me this negative, until I took a closer look.
Look at that contortion! I'm going to try and make a print with it in the darkroom in the fall!
That scrapbook will get it's own post, it is from the 40's and pretty amazing! He got me a few Christmas things of course, I love the box that wreath is in! The little glass egg thing is from Rock City too.
I don't know why, but i LOVE measuring spoons. I can't pass them up. I keep them all in my kitchen and rotate them. This colorful set is really cute! And that is a snow globe for my collection
Here is the wreath out of the box. It is pretty fragile!
And last but not least, look at these bowling towels! I LOVE THEM! Now I've got my own shoes, bag, ball, and the towels! Someone go bowling with me! Travis was going to use one of these to mop up his sweat at his new delivery job, but I told him to get real. 
I'll show you the scrapbook tomorrow! It is a good one!


  1. That wreath is EVERYTHING!!!! I can't imagine what was there on the first day if all that goodness was still at the sale on the second day! Cool stuff!!!

    1. i know! i don't go to many sales on the first day, but i always wonder what i missed!

  2. I have never seen vintage bowling towels before. Those are the JAM! My bf got me vintage bowling shoes and a vintage bowling bag a new ball wit a SKULL on it for my birthday. This was way back in April and we till haven't gotten around to getting the holes drilled in it yet. If we lived in the same state we could start an awesome league!

    1. that is awesome! i am pretty terrible at bowling, but people are always intimidated when i show up with my own ball .

  3. You guys seriously find such gems, it's unbelievable. And all so personal! I can barely get through the postcards at antique stores because I have to read what they all say. I love seeing all your finds here!

    1. man, if there is a box of photos at the flea market or an antique store i'll stand there for an hour until i go through them all!

  4. Vintage Christmas - love it!

  5. MY OH MY!!! What awesome finds! I can't wait to see inside that scrapbook. My husband can find the best treasures for me too. I am so thankful he knows me so well.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. Love these finds! The Rocky soap is incredible! And, I really love the Christmas decorations!

  7. THOSE BOWLING TOWELS! Amazing. Please hang them on a wall in your house.


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