Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is what I ended up with from the house I posted about yesterday. Most of this stuff was in boxes in the garage. I didn't have my usual estate sale basket so I was walking around clutching fragile things and digging through boxes with my finger tips. I need to always bring my basket!
Some little flocked deer and some cute cans of Christmas snow! I had to tell Travis I was just planning on displaying these, not actually using them.
How cute is this elf?
And this teeny tiny santa under a mushroom.
Can you believe I found another Christmas card list box, EXACTLY like the one I found at the world's  longest yard sale? What are the odds!
A little box of ornaments, some ribbon, and that panda! He is attached to a little wall plaque.
Santa bottle opener! For all your holiday parties I guess.
Cute Easter stuff! The little pink bunny is irresistible to the cats for some reason. They pulled it out of the bag I had it in, I've had to hide it from them!
These are little Napco holiday figures from the 70's.
The duck is vinyl and made in Japan. Isn't that little vase cute? Travis picked up the bottle and tape for his medical collection, and I can't resist a vintage book with a cool cover.
I also couldn't resist this thing made of four matchbooks.
This garden tool is so creepy!
This is one of my favorite things I've found this year! It was stuck to a painfully 70's teenagers shoe holder that was shaped like a person. I can't wait to wear it on my jacket all winter! Needless to say, this sale ended up being pretty good! There was some great furniture too, and they were practically giving it away! If only I needed furniture...


  1. I love that little set of holiday figurines!

  2. I love that zombie-esque gardening tool. Very ominous.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. I love love love those Napco figures!!!

  4. oh man oh man! SO MANY COOL THINGS!!! I seriously am envious of all this neat-o stuff. Holidays just got cuter where you are! haha :]

    xoxo mama wolf.

  5. The figurines are just sweet.....

  6. You always buy the best things! How on earth do you fit it all in your house?
    I've only just discovered you have a tumblr! I hope i get to see lots of pictures of your gorgeous puggies pop up on my tumblr dashboard :)

    1. it doesn't hahah! i've got a room full of boxes that i will someday go through and put in my booth.

  7. Get outta town! That is some FABULOUS fake snow! And that little garden claw looks like a dismembered arm. I love it.

  8. Teenie Bopper! That's too cute! And I can't believe you found a second x-mas card box! You lucky duck!
    Erica :)

  9. Amazing finds :) The santa/toadstool figurine is ace!

  10. Those Napco figures are beautiful. I can't wait to see you wear that Teenie Bopper badge too. :)

  11. Where on earth did you go to find this absolute treasure trove! God commercialized Christmas kitsch is so so good and I just pretty much oohed and aahed at everything you bought <3

  12. It is amazing that you found all these great things in one sale! I'm lucky if I can find one good thing among the freakin melted Tupperware and yucky scary ass stuffed dead animals. Colorado...the stuff we keep here is so strange... Wish I had your eye for great stuff!

  13. That pin is da bomb. I want it. That garden tool would make an amazing back scratcher.. if it wasn't so rusty.

  14. My first visit to your're mesmerizing me with awesome vintage and gr8t commentary. One FYI about the tiny pink bunny your cats love - all the kitties I've ever had love those little 'furry' balls the bunny is made of. You can buy bags of the balls at craft stores to use as cat toys. String them together or ??? and watch your kitties have a grand time for pennies compared to the high cost of most cat toys.


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