Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage heaven!

Remember when i was telling you about going to Hayti, Missouri for Travis' grandmother's birthday? We got to bring home some of her vintage treasures. it was so fun, like a great estate sale where you could hear the story behind everything you liked. it will take me a few posts to show you everything, so here is the first.
this head vase is so pretty, even if it in rough shape. she will look pretty on my mantle at christmas.  
another head vase and a cute doggy face. this is the second vase i've gotten recently where the plant is the animals tai. so adorable.  
i love this silly turtle planter! the boots detach. she is sitting by our backdoor with a mum in her right now.  
lots of vintage glass balls that just happen to be in my favorite colors!! i got another aluminum christmas tree too, but i didn't get a picture of it.  
a stocking knitted by betty's sister for her son in 1965. it is so so cute! it says gregory and the year, and i love the little pom poms hanging from it. i can't wait to show you the rest! i'm hoping it will be sunny soon so i can finish photographing it all.
i brought home about 16 dresses made by travis' great grandmother! i'm trying to figure out the best way to photograph them.
how enticing does that look?


  1. You guys are adorable and seem to live in a perfect dream world. Vintage heaven. Your blog is so inspirational.

    your fave college roommate,


  2. I'm so envious of your haul, it's great that you're able to keep these items in the family and also know the history behind them too. Can't wait to see more of the dresses, are you going to be wearing them all?

  3. Wow, definitely enticing! I can't wait to see more. I agree...it is so great you know a face & history behind these great items!


  4. Wow! 16 dresses??!! You are a lucky girl! I really like the packaging on the ornaments too :)

  5. what a jackpot!!!! (and there's more?!)

  6. Amazing! Well done! I love the stories behind things. Looking forward to seeing the dresses! Love the ornaments in their original boxes.

  7. What a great score! Can't wait to see some outfit posts with those cute dresses!
    ...And now I'm officially on the lookout for an animal planter with a plant in the bum...

  8. I'm sighing deeply over the glimpse of those vintage baubles!! They are so lovely and in their original box too - heaven!

    Jem xXx

  9. Heaps of treasures there. Lucky you with all those vintage handmade dresses. x

  10. well Christmas will be extra special this year won't it? All those memories! How lovely!

  11. great Christmas ornaments for sure!

  12. I love the knitted stocking, it's utterly adorable in everyway. My husbands family too are all wonderful hoarders and like you I love a good fossic and story telling session. Sadly my own family are 'fling-it-outers', with an emtpty attic, but I hope to buck the trend!

  13. What fun you must have had! I agree that hearing the stories behind the items is great.

    I have my knitted (now vintage) Christmas stocking with my name which looks a lot like the one you got. It still holds goodies at Christmas, too!


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