Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More from the outlet

Travis wasn't into this macrame lion. I thought it was awesome! But I left it behind.
I also resisted this classy purse, if you can believe it.
Here is some stuff I came home with. The tropical ABC's are really cute and weird. Travis found that log art. I am a sucker for anything on a sliver of log! And the sewing box is kind of a boring color, but I've been looking for one that actually stays closed, and this one does.
This little lady is a pin cushion! And if you pull the little tassel on her purse it is a tape measure! Could she be any cuter? I love her eye lashes and floppy hat.
I'm not sure what these are for, but they are so pretty! They are pretty stuff, especially around the edges. I love the contrasting stitching around the flowers and leaves. They are a little discolored, but I'm afraid to try and clean them. I think I'm going to use them on my table, to put under serving dishes or cakes stands during the summer.
This doll is kinda creepy, but also pretty cool. I think she is handmade.
You flip her over....
And she is half granny/half wolf. How cute!
We found this cool vintage microscope set too. I need to do a vintage science themed mantle this summer. How cute would that be??

It still has most of the parts.
I love the graphics on the little boxes.
As if I needed them to provide me with those!

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  1. Teresa (Little Goose)April 10, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    We have the same deer picture! <3

    Here's mine on my thrifted wall hanging wall: http://ink361.com/#/photos/163257170793659229_31088133

  2. Rae! You would probably be fine to wash those placemat thingies by gently swirling them in cool water with some gentle laundry soap. Then don't wring them out but roll them up in a towel to get the excess water out. Also, vinegar helps keep colors from bleeding, so you may want to add a little of that to the bath. I hope that helps!

  3. man! you guys find some great stuff!!

  4. I've had my eye on a macramae frog at the thrift store for awhile now lol I would have totally bought the pug purse even though it's ugly lol

  5. Great finds - but hoe could you resist the pugs? I have my own gorgeous puggy - they are awesome!

  6. HOW could you resist that pug purse? Gordon's mother had one of those dolls ... wonder what happened to it??? You do find some neat things!

  7. That lion is sort of creepy. lol I love the pin cushion! :)

  8. The purse is so cute!
    You guys always have such fun!

  9. S-weet stuff!! And that lion - oh my god. You did better than me to figure out that it was a lion. I keep hoping to find some of those pictures on wood but never have. I'm with you - if it's log related, ALL about it.

  10. my granny have these http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y69/beastwith5hands/2012april/th/03.jpg in her summerhouse :)

  11. The doll is probably like one we have.. it's Little Red Riding Hood then you flip it over and it's the wolf.

  12. My grandmother had those dolls with Little Red Riding Hood & the wolf. I had forgotten all about them until I saw that picture. One of my cousins used to cry when you flipped the wolf over. I miss that doll. Thank you for bring back that memory with your find. My grandmother is in a home & she isn't doing very well & I live far from her & only get to see her once or twice a year.

  13. The pin cushion and that Red Riding hood doll are so cute.

  14. That little pin cushion girl sure is sweet! We had a macrame owl hanging around when I was a kid. My mom made it. Must be one of the very few things she actually got rid of, because I haven't seen it lately.

  15. The macrame lion is pretty amazing, I probably would have bought it, heh. I always pick up vintage sewing items for my mom, I've bought her many of those plastic '70s boxes over the years. I actually saw a red sewing box today but passed it up! The Little Red Riding hood doll is amazing, I used to be obsessed with the inside out dolls when I was a kid.

  16. I love vintage cards, and of course, "tropical" has to be even better, right?? :)

  17. My grandma used to have the same little red riding hood/ big bad wolf flip doll...I remember going to her house and she would use it to tell the story, she'd even make her voice sound like the characters'. Such a treasure!


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