Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thrift Report!

I haven't done a thrift report in a while, because really I haven't been thrifting. The shops around here are pulling all the cool vintage out and putting it in cases at prices that are often ABOVE antique mall prices. such a bummer. But the Goodwill outlet still yields some gems! I went with Travis last week and here is my little pile.  
Lots of vintage kids books as usual. I've got quite a good collection now!
I can never resist a copy of The Black Stallion. I need to pull all my copies together.
I love how this one has a horse sticker on the side. Like the library marks them by categories that preteen girls will be interested in.
This is one of my favorite books I have ever found! I wish it had the dust jacket, but it is still awesome! When I picked it up I was hoping for photos of the presidential pets, but instead...
I love that they didn't even try to make it look like a real situation. Check out the chair Lincoln is sitting in! Definitely not something that would be out in a barnyard or field.
I'm sure there was a pet mockingbird around while important documents were read. There was also a cute picture of Coolidge and his pet raccoon!
Travis probably gave me the side eye when I plopped this pile of macrame books into the cart. I just can't resist! I love a kitschy vintage craft book!
Especially with these great puns. I actually kind of like that Christmas tree. I think it would be a good way to display my vintage Christmas brooch collection!
Look at all those amazing craft ideas! I think the Christmas owls are probably my favorite.
Nothing like a macrame clown to terrify a child.
Here is a close-up of those frog towel holders. Very classy.
Last but not least I found a book full of cute wrapping paper! The owl background is metallic! I'm going to do my best to acutally use it, and not hoard it. We'll see how it goes.
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  1. Please never open and use the wrapping paper. Please hoard it. It is far too fabulous for practical use, Rae. Go with your inner voice on this one and abandon "rational" thinking. Just this one last time ;)

  2. "Twas The Knot Before Christmas" - hahaha.

    Good luck trying to use the wrapping paper, I can rarely ever bring myself to do so.

  3. You are building up such a great collection. Oh and that wrapping paper.. The ones with the owls and the mushrooms, waw!

  4. Ooh, great macrame score. I collect macrame project books and pieces, including lots of macrame owls!

    1. i only have a few pieces but i love them! i really should try to make something out of one of these books. have you ever made one?

  5. great finds especially that knot book i agree the broaches will be awesome on something like it

  6. Excellent! Love macrame books too. Macrame is def kitsch. Sometimes in a good way!

  7. I love the Christmas craft ideas. What a great find.

  8. i need those frog towel holders! my goddddd. perfect.

  9. That wrapping paper is awesome! It would kill me to use it as wrapping paper though, I'd use it as a background in a cupboard or something permanent like that.


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