Saturday, April 18, 2009

Demetri Martin

all right you guys. i think my best week ever is finally over. how sad. last night Caitlin and i went to see Demetri Martin! I didn't think i was going to be in town so I didn't buy tickets before but Caitlin was awesome and offered me her extra ticket!

i didn't take that picture. and it's not from last night. but he DID do that joke. The show was really really good. He was on stage for almost two hours (he said because the audience was nice). He did a bunch of adorable songs and drawings and showed some fliers he made. My favorite song was ways to ask your lady to marry you. He also did a joke request part where people could yell out their favorites and he could do them. Which i thought was weird. because why do you want to hear things you already know the punch line too? but then he did the "cotton balls" bit, and I understood. after the show he did a question and answer, and someone asked him about flight of the conchords. he said that he texted bret the other day, and jemaine texted him back (which is SO ADORABLE) and jemaine told him "i like that place" in reference to nashville.  
after it was over we had a hard time deciding where to lurk for a meet and greet. we stood in front of the theatre for a while, but were the only ones. we decided to take a walk around the building before we left and horray! he was out back, talking to a small group of people. maybe 15. he was really really nice! he talked to us a lot and asked me questions about my tattoo. he thanked caitlin for buying his dvd andcd, and tried to tell her about some hidden goodies in the menu. this is the second picture like this caitlin took. after the first one he was like "oh let's get one of these pictures!" and did that nice pose.  
gosh he's so cute! this is the fifth one of my favorites I've met this year. and they've all been amazingly nice! i can't believe it! (stephen colbert, david sedaris, bret and jemaine). now i'm in atlanta setting up the staging for Rhinestone Beauties Nationals. I'll be back sunday night! and then monday i'm going to help crystal buy a dog!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Octopus Tattoo!

i almost had to get my tattoo all alone! but luckily crystal showed up to keep me company. jason st. claire at lone wolf in franklin did this for me. custom!

  halfway done!
 doesn't he look like radar o'reilly?
omg i love it so much! it's even better than i imagined! the red on the top, and around the eye is really white ink. it's just a little bloody and fresh. next he is going to rework my weezer tattoo for me. i can't wait!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Checking out your sugar lumps.

we stood out in the rain for over an hour and my hair is huge but i dont even freaking care because !!!!! ah!!!! i couldnt' even talk. BEST NIGHT EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

first (and probably only) outfit post

I'm watching the Sound of Music right now on the back porch and I'm really enjoying it. I love how all the nuns are bitching about Maria and calling her a demon and Reverend Mother says "how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand." to embarrass them all for being so mean. gosh i love musicals. tomorrow night is Flight of the Conchords night! I am feeling really confidant that we're going to be meeting them. And omg, jemaine got a haircut...

so freaking hot. i hope our seats aren't as bad as i'm thinking they are. whatever. its going to be awesome. today i bought a dress for easter. this one:
 it took me a hundred years to get a picture of myself in it. haha.
of course i'm going to wear a little sweater over it. i never do sleeveless.
i think i'm going to wear these shoes with it to my aunt's for lunch on sunday. maybe i'll wear it tomorrow night for the show. probably not. i always get embarrassed to be wearing a dress.
here is travis' easter basket! not my best work, but we are trying to not give each other as much candy this year. my favorite part is that carrot. so adorable. the carrots have peanut butter speckled m+m's and reese's eggs. Travis loves peanut butter candy. i feel like i've been on a shopping spree.
i bought both of these books today. the comic one was only three dollars at borders. flipping through it, i have the full books of quite a few of them, but there is some other awesome looking stuff in there. i didnt' know martha was coming out with a craft book! i was internally FREAKING when i saw this in the store. i love her toooo much. there is some really great stuff in it. i have her baking book, and her cooking school too. amazing.
new issues of both of my favorite magazines!! there is a flight of the conchords article in bust where they are giving love advice and it's pretty much the most adorable thing i've ever read. i went to macy's to check out the spring martha stewart stuff and ended up spending thirty dollars! i couldn't find pictures of everything i got, but i got these cute cake doily things with rainbow dots, a blue citrus juicer, and some really sweet white wear napkin rings with tiny animals on them. i also go this cookie cutter set...
lion, giraffe, sheep, elephant, kangaroo. if the lion was a donkey it would be all the best animals. THEN! at target i found cardigans. i needed some three quarter sleeve ones to wear for work after i get my tattoo next week. i got two colors...
and this cute headband.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A zoo day...

I spent all of sunday trying to finish unpacking from our move last november. blah! i hate going through that last pile of boxes that half junk/half stuff you want. So on monday I took a break and went to the zoo with my friends! ill try and make this interesting.

we got there as early as we could. that is the best time to go to the zoo, because all the animals are out and moving around. the first thing you come to is the white-cheeked gibbons. they are so funny because the noises they are making sound like techno music, and it's so LOUD.
we went to one of the animal shows first thing. it was about how they train the animals. that is a singing dog! how cute! her name was tootsie and she is just starting to get trained. i wanted to pet her so bad!
there was also a vulture! with no warning she flies over you and it was so freaky! then she hops around eating meat off the ground. but it was weirdly cute. there was also a big hornbill that liked having her neck scratched, like a cat. so cute. she kept trying to feed grapes to her trainer.
afterwards they were selling really cute buttons of different animals from the shows! i got one of brooke the sloth. she wasn't in the show we saw but i've seen her before and she is so freaking cute.
next we ate lunch and we all got zoo sippers. i love those things. i probably have ten in the cabinets.
first stop after lunch was the meerkats of course! my favorite part of the zoo always. so cute. i want to pick on up so bad.
they just put out some of the giant anteaters! i had never seen one in real life. it was so cute and strange! they are BIG. and they have human looking hands that are curled under. and big broom looking tails. adorable. there was an old lady there (she said "they call me zoo betty") who was speaking encouragingly to the anteater trying to get her to get in the water. so quietly and hilarious.
they also have two baby tigers! they were super fluffy and cuddly looking. i couldn't get any good pictures though. they are only going to be in nashville through the summer and i definitely want to go see them again. i'm glad travis' parents are renewing my membership for my birthday.
neither austin or marissa had been to the nashville zoo since they made all the changes and i think they both liked it. i love their asia section, with the leopards and red pandas.
the petting zoo is weird. the only thing you can pet really is goats, and most of them stay in the "goats only" part. the donkeys are so cute though.
oh man those alpacas! they never ever let you pet them, but they are so hilarious looking! the brown one has the same haircut as thomas. haha.
goats!!!! so cute! i want some for our yard. but i don't want to have to take care of them. just pet them and watch them jump around.
then kyle arrived! he came after he got out of class. he tried to pop austin's back, but it didn't work.
we went up to the historical house, but the tours don't start until later in the spring. so austin and i pretended to be old people on the porch. cute right?
we went to feed the lorikeets but i think we came at the wrong time. they weren't hungry so they wouldn't land on us, even though i used the trick travis taught me about how birds like to "step up." it was really bummed.
i like the hand washing stations. the one of the left was cracking me up. instead of the water shooting out it was just kind of dribbling. so it looked like he was drooling. cute. the air comes out of birds butts! hahaha. inappropriate.
there playground is really cute. to bad there are so many kids around. haha. so we were at the zoo for almost seven hours! and it was so fun! i have a membership and can get one other person in free, so let me know if you want to go! or a few people can split the cost. like, crystal, marissa, and austin split two admissions so it wasn't as expensive.
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