Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad Tea Party!

Last night was the first party in our new house! I was extra stressed and bitchy the day before. Haha, sorry Travis and Dana. but i think it went really well in the end..

the main reason i was really cranky was i waited until the last minute to make my costume. and i've never made clothes before. so i was freaking out about it. but it actually turned out pretty good though. i made a wrap skirt and added straps to make it a pinafore. dana gave me the idea and helped me out so much with it.

brittany and i hosted the party together. she came over really early and we made props and decorated. we went shopping for teacups a few weeks ago. pretty awesome. together we had a pretty big collection of cute cake stands and serving pieces!

i am obsessed with those fruit tarts from whole foods. i was a little pissed because i special ordered those and they don't look as good as usual. but they still tasted pretty good.
i couldn't stop eating those petit fours! so good, and the flavors were always unexpected. the pink we coffee, and the brown where strawberry and apricot. so delish.

drink station! ice cream punch, two choices of tea, or italian soda. we got sugar cubes so it would be super official.
crystal came over early as usual so she could get ready here. that one of the most fun parts. we still want to do drag queen party. crazy make up and hair and drag queen movies and dancing.
duck lips face of course.
so we had....

two cute alices.

two march hares.

the white queen!

the mad hatter

queen of hearts number one

queen and king of hearts!

tweedle dee and tweedle dum!
brittany gave me the idea to put "dee" on my skirt. so cute. i'm going to use this again for fourth of july too!
brittany made these ham/herbed cream cheese/spinach rolls that were gobbled up in 12 seconds.

mostly we just sat around and ate and laughed and i gave house tours since not many people have been over here yet. we let rose have the run of the house during the party and she did really good! she was really friendly at the party too. so proud of her.

we got lots of points and laughs at the movie. i forgot that its different if you don't go on opening night. hahah. but two groups asked to get their picture with us. we went to the big imax theater so the 3D was great.

the was just ok. i was expecting to love it. because i love tim burton, and alice in wonderland, and johnny depp. it was too fantasy/battle/adventure for me i think. and weird alice/hatter action. you kept thinking they were going to kiss or something. eh.

oh well. i guess its good they did something different because there have been so many alice movies that follow the plot of the first book. i wish this one would have been like "through the looking glass." and why is there an avril lavigne song at the end? and wtf stupid mad hatter dance sequence. i HATED that. stupid. blech.
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