Thursday, December 31, 2009

Painting our new house!

we started painting yesterday. it was much harder work than i expected! and much more expensive! it was fun though, ryan and thomas and dana were all here to help out.

we did dana's room!

it's "dylan velvet." so sexy. haha.

and we started on the kitchen/hallway. it's the same blue in both rooms. but the different lights make it look different. hmmmph.

so the kitchen will be blue with white cabinets/trim, and with red accessories. so cute.

ALSO our heat is now working!!!! when they turned it on, it was 49 degrees in the house! now it's 68 and i couldn't be happier. i slept so well last night.

and in shameful news. travis shaved his beard only halfway through whiskerino. and sadly, it is my fault. i tied to hide it but i hated that thing. i'm so so so glad it's gone.

Friday, December 25, 2009


travis and I closed at whole foods christmas eve, so we missed christmas dinner. oh well. we still put all the tacky stuff in my grandmother's yard. i didn't take any photos in the night because it was storming really badly! but here it is christmas morning

hahaha, she was so surprised because she thought for sure we wouldn't do it in the pouring rain! this year we added a really ugly blow up christmas pig.

we opened presents at my grandparent's house and had our traditional country ham brunch. the ham was extra salty this year and i could hardly eat it! so good!

my parents bought me a chi hair straightener, which is really exciting because mine old crappy flat iron was totally worn out. this one has rhinestones. haha.

we went to travis' parents house and opened more presents and i dominated at scene it. i actually beat travis in a for the win tie breaker, about drew barrymore movies.

so here is the requisite stuff i got list..with pictures!

slippers! i love them so much!

I got some money and gift cards and socks too.

I hope you all had a great christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

travis found this sweet little wreath in our basement and put it on the front door. i love it.

we packed up all the presents to take to my grandparent's house tomorrow. we opened our stockings tonight. travis got me free willy on dvd? hahaha.

also, the walls aren't pink, it's just the reflection off of the door.

travis installed our new mailbox what a cute little handy man.

we have set up our bedroom mostly. the only room in the house not full of boxes. scampi and murray hang out in here all day.

oh, if you were wondering, that little cat DID come with us. her name is scout. and hopefully we didn't traumatize her too much with the move. as of right now, she flees whenever she sees us. poor thing.

ok, bed time i guess. merry christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now I will finally show you a few (crappy) pictures of the new house!!

we had our first night here last night. it was fine, it took me a little while to fall asleep because it wasn't as quiet as it is out in the middle of nowhere. nothing loud actually, just different sounds than i am used too.

here are the only two moving pictures i took.

my mom, travis' dad, and our friend joe helped us out ALL DAY. i am so grateful to them. i have so much crap it took us from 9 am til almost 6 pm to get everything into the truck, then out again. joe's girlfriend jess came after work to help, and my dad came after he got off as well.

so here are some pictures. my camera lens is so broken now, i can only take zoom photos with it. hahaha, how pathetic. i can't wait to get a new one. so here are a bunch of close ups, taken at night. beautiful.
we are missing parts for our big tree, so crystal and i just put up this little red one. finally. i was scared i wasn't going to get to do one at all!
wallpaper in the living room. it's only on two walls. the other two are white, but it think we are going to paint them the green that is in the wallpaper.
built in! so cute! i wish i had taken a picture of the fireplace. it's pretty cute too. it has an old electric fake fire thing in it now, with crinkly paper inside so it sounds like a real fire! so tacky and awesome.
cute old thermostat
all the doorknobs in the house are like this, except one. i love them so much.
there are wood floors throughout, except in the kitchen and utility room. we are using those old grates from the coal furnace for our new central heat! because they are so cute and much better than modern ones. our contractor is as into old stuff as we are and gave us that idea.
fancy old lady lamp in the dining room. going to be replaced with a chandelier eventually. don't know what we are going to do with that thing yet.
wallpaper in dana's room! again, only on one wall. which is nice. there are fancy "pearl and gold" lightswitch covers in there as well.
awesome linoleum! i love it!!! it's really nice (as far as linoleum goes) and it will match my kitchen decor plan.
windows into the kitchen from the utility room. we are going to paint the paneling white.

beautiful faux brick wall. hahah. obviously taking this down. we are getting cabinets built there too. hopefully by next week.
kitchen light switch cover
arched doorways!!! only in the kitchen, but still amazingly cute.
pendant light in little hallway. kind of cute. might stay. we'll see.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moving Day!

moving day. took forever because i have so much CRAP.

but the house is amazing. the cats are freaking out. now i'm going to bed in my new room with only ONE heater on (instead of three) and only one comforter on the bed! our heat isn't on here yet either, but it's a million times warmer than that drafty old house.

i'll post some house pictures tomorrow! i didn't really get shots of it all empty. ah well.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

breaking news! remember those kittens that were born in my garage over the summer, and mysteriously disappeared?
i think one is back!!

when we got home tonight a little cat RAN up to the back door, meowing so loud and acting like she (just a guess) was going to come up to us, and then she shied away. so we tempted her inside the back porch thing with cat food! she is small still (if same cat, she is about 5 months old)

she wouldn't let me pet her, but would curl up next to me/on my feet and purr and knead me with her paws. so i think it will only take a few days to get her used to petting yes/no?

i want to find someone to take her. she has the sweetest tiny face and little bitty paws (i want her already for myself but travis is really against it and says if no one takes her before we move we have to let her back outside. because he has a heart of ice!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am officially a home owner!! we went and signed all the paperwork this morning, i've got keys to our new house in my pocket! it's KILLING me that i have to work now. i want to go to my house!


after work we are going to put up our christmas tree. it'll be the only thing in the house but i just can't wait any more!

ahhh i'm so happy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

today the whiskerino theme was death. so travis wanted to be in the coffin room of course.

my grandmother came by work today and brought me ornaments for our christmas tree. which almost made me cry, because it was so sweet. she got me a cupcake one!

we are closing tomorrow morning and i'm so happy about it. we are going to put up the tree, even if there will be nothing else in the house.

i went to the post office today (sending out postal letterboxes as always) and some lady cut in front of me in line, and then was really rude about. she told me she was in a hurry. idiot.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vintage Christmas

today i went to the spring hill antique mall on my way to my parent's house to decorate their tree. i was looking for vintage christmas stuff. i didn't have any luck on the first two (of three) aisles and was kind of bummed, then i found a booth that had a ton of little vintage ornaments for 5o cents each! so cute!

i got that reindeer too. it's not old, but it's so cute! and soft! it was only three bucks. i found an old needlework map of the usa that i really want.

i got this animal cracker tin too. i think i'm going to put my cupcake liners in it. there was an animal cracker tin lamp! that was so cute! and if i had a kid i would buy it for their room. i found some furniture i like too. oh man i can't wait til we can start decorating our house.

then i went to my parent's house. no one was home yet so i watched M*A*S*H and set out all the ornaments. there is something so comforting and nice about pulling out all those familiar things. i took most of my ornaments when i moved but there are still a few.

this is "stimpy jesus." i made it when i was around 8 years old. i don't know why he is so huge compared to the manger, and i'm not sure why i put a spring of holly on his swaddling clothes. haha. my dad and i always hide the baby jesus from my mom's nice nativity scene, and put stimpy in his place. she pretends to be mad. but i know she likes it.

another thing i really like is my dad always makes sure there is a blinking red light on the top of the tree. so the angel has a heartbeat. he loves that little thing, and irons her wings every year. my mom made sausage balls and we listened to amy grant christmas and put up the tree. it was really fun.

so there it is. the first, and hopefully not the last tree i will put up this year.
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