Sunday, February 7, 2010

so none of the rescues we contacted would call us back so we went do looking yesterday. we went to the williamson county animal shelter first, but there were no small does there at all, so we went to happy tales humane, a no kill shelter. saturday is their dog adoption day!

and there we found her!

her name is rose! she is three years old, and, obviously, a black pug! her owner actually surrendered her, and her brother Boo to happy tales just yesterday morning. Reason? she was getting a divorce and couldn't keep them. whatever that means.

Travis picked her out. He is totally in love. And I'm so glad we decided to get a rescue. She is so good, and already house trained and sweet. No annoying puppy stuff. She slept in our bed under the covers last night. I'm so happy we finally have a dog! and they said it was really good for her to get adopted so fast so she doesn't have to bounce from foster to foster. And I'm so glad we found her.

the only thing i'm worried about is the cats hating us forever. she was good with cats in the shelter but Murray and Scampi are so scared. Murray is hiding behind the dishrack in the kitchen. We have a puppy gate up so she can only be in one room so they can avoid her if they want. hope it just takes time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


so crystal's sister called me to ask if i needed a dog because her friend rescued a boston terrier lady that was going to be put to sleep and can't have any more dogs! and surprise surprise travis said yes!! i still have to meet her and see if she is good with the cats but omg i want her! a dog for me!!!

that is just a random picture by the way. i havent seen her yet. but i bet she is cute!!!
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