Friday, May 20, 2016

The April Flea and a 31st Birthday

Yooooooooo! Hey guys, long time no blog. Good news, I got a new job! It has been taking up my time lately, and I'm really happy with it. I'm not going to make promises about posting on my blog more, because I keep doing that, then it doesn't happen. But I do love looking back at these posts, so let's see if I can catch up!
I turned 31 about a month ago. I didn't have any big plans, I just wanted to sleep in a little and then go to the flea market. I got to do my favorite thing, lay in bed with the dogs while Travis makes us breakfast. (The girls are both doing well by the way! ::knock on wood::)
The April flea was my first visit of the year! I've really cut back on my vintage spending, but it was fun to take a little birthday money and buy some goodies for myself. 
I love hand made yard art.
And this always amazing Pyrex booth.
Since it was my birthday my best dogs hung out with me all day. It was the best!
One of my favorite vintage decals I've seen! I love the colors and the mushroom  and the sassy bunny posing for his portrait.
This booth always has fun toys! I had that Littlefoot puppet when I was a kid. 
Crystal and I were both into this ET bag, and neither of us needed it, so we did a "snap and walk". 
I always have a few photos of chalk dogs from the flea. And I have a few in my house so I don't really need to be looking for more...
Look at this creepy light bulb!
I love this big horse print. If I had that much wall space anywhere, I would have asked the price.
Here is the item that got away. I couldn't find the person whose booth this was, so I just left it. I thought about it all day and night and the next morning Travis went back to see if he could buy it....and it was sold! Wah! The perfect car shade.
This precious little poodle was working the flea market office window. "Hello, this is dog! How can I help you?"
We went to lunch at my favorite, Baja Burrito, and Travis put some candles in my pinto beans. 
We had a little photo shoot by the pink wall. 
Crystal and Marc left to pick up Marc's son and Thomas, Travis and I went in search of Retro Sno, the snoball truck! I love the rainbow snow ball. I haven't given in many times, but I check their instagram daily to see where they are parked. I told Travis to "Make a better face!" and that is what he did. Haha!
I can't remember what else we did that afternoon, but we eventually met up with Crystal and Marc again and went to dinner at the newest vegan restaurant in Nashville, Graze, and then to Rosepepper for a pitcher of margaritas. I had talked about maybe doing karaoke in public for the first time for my birthday, but chickened out as usual. We just went back to Crystal and Marc's house and used youtube to do karaoke. It is the BEST because you can find almost any song! We did all 90's and early 2000's hits like "How Bizarre" and " Toxicity." I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. It was perfect.
Travis made me one of his famous pineapple upside down cakes and we put in the party light that Thomas gave Crystal for Christmas. It was so cool! We had the disco ball going too of course. Their house is always ready for a dance party.
And dance we did. But not TOO much. I wasn't sore the next morning, haha. 
When we were in high school Crystal and I were in LOVE with Blink-182. It is so funny (to us at least) that we married a Marc and a Travis, and the other person we hang out the most with is Thomas (aka Tom). So our own personal Marc, Tom and Travis. We ended the night singing first date because Thomas hadn't seen the video somehow, and it was perfection. I had a wonderful birthday.
"Forever, and ever, let's make this last forever!"
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