Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pizza! Go Karts! Mirror Maze!

When we got done doing the Fantasy Golf thing, Travis, Kimmie and Jamie had to head back to Nashville so they could work Monday morning. The rest of us headed to find lunch. I told everyone we could go wherever, I would be happy with just a plate of fries but Beiser confessed he loved Mellow Mushroom and wouldn't be mad about eating there a third time. So there we were, third time in three days.
We decided it was time for some mid afternoon vacation cocktails! Aubrey got this cute blue one.
I ordered a strawberry daiquiri thing, which apparently is made with whipped cream and ice cream. I'm pretty sure that isn't standard, the waiter acted like I shouldn't have been surprised. This cute picture of me will always remind me of my disappointment.
Don't worry though, I got a little margarita instead. 
I also got a little personal vegan pizza with some of their yummy tempeh on it. Delicious. 
I love being on vacation with friends who like posing for photos. It makes it even more fun!
After we got pizza we went and rode go karts at the big three story track we like. No photos because I had to drive myself around this time, not just ride with Travis. I wish there was a fun go kart place in Nashville! There is a fancy one, but it is something like 20 bucks for a 4 minute ride or something insane.
After go-karts we headed to Hannah's Mirror Maze! The website looks super lame but I promise it is really fun and worth a visit if you are in town!
You watch a video with really bad computer animation about a vain princess who gets cursed by a witch to live in a mirror maze forever. You have to go save her and only have 7 hours 7 minutes and 7 seconds or something. You finally get let out of that room and go through one of those rooms where a bridge is over a spinning tube. Do you know what I mean? It is so trippy and makes you feel like you are going to FLY off the bridge even though it isn't moving.
Then you go through this cool hallway and up light up stairs. We always have to pose a lot in this hall.
Then you are into the maze! I don't know how to accurately describe it, but if you get a chance, try one out. It is so freaky and fun. There were so many times I would think one of my friends was walking towards me, to only have them come up beside me and freak me out! This maze and fun music that makes you dance in the mirrors.
We always stay in for a long time and backtrack once we find the exit. Too fun to rush!
So freaky! You wear plastic gloves so the mirrors don't get all smudged. That adds to the illusion. 
Beiser was very good at creeping us out in the maze.
There are photos of me like this on someone's phone. I love this photo op spot!
When you find the end you go into a room with black light fireworks, then into another room with fireworks and mirrors on the walls, ceiling and floor! I love it so much. This place is our new tradition!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Most Awesome Cabin!

My friend Aubrey found the cabin that we stayed in our our friend trip to the Smokey Mountains. It was AMAZING. Most cabins in that area are fun in a lame way, lots of black bear art and heart shaped tubs. This place was legitimately cool. Here are a ton of photos of it!
Here is the approach from the driveway. It is in Sevierville and on a man made lake. If you are there in the summer there is a private dock that you could swim off of. I'm dying to go back!
There was a big center room with several couches and a tv. I never got a great photo, but attached to either end of this room were two 100 year old cabins they had brought there and used as the bedrooms. Amazing.
There were beautiful stained glass windows in random walls and cool art and antiques everywhere.
This totem pole was in front of a shop the owners of this house built in Gatlinburg. I wish I had looked up the year. It was the 50's maybe? They apparently had lots of businesses in town. The only one still standing is the space needle.
Here is a photo of them with one of their shops, Nuts to You! The Native American man standing there is a Cherokee and carved the totem pole for them.
The tv was tuned to CNN for primary results the whole time we were there. No one minded. 
Big amazing kitchen. I love the drainboards on the sides of the sink. And that big island with seating around. We spent lots of time cooking and playing games in here.
This doll was in the house and we moved her around to scare each other. 
We got to the cabin late at night and there were no lights one. It was SCARY to walk through with just your phone flashlight and see things like spinning wheels and scythes. Ah! It was much cuter by the light of day.
This is the room Travis and I stayed in. 
Look at that window!
There were three claw foot tubs in the house and one in our room! i never ended up using it though. The hot tub was just so tempting!
Peanut Butter Bars and Chicko Stiks not included. Those were a gift for Travis, haha!
Another bedroom. I love that quilt!
That room was "school themed". 
I LOVE this pastel portrait. I want one of me and Travis.
There was a loft that was SO SCARY at night. We hid up there from Travis, Kimmie and Jamie since they arrived after we did. During the day it was cute. When I was a kid I would have LOVED to stay there.
In addition to the five bedrooms there was this sleeping porch! It was all screened in and would be amazing in the spring or summer. I want to take a nap out there!
 I liked this bedside table.
The back porch had this outside kitchen and a grill! The deck was big, overlooked the lake and had the hot tub and an outside shower.
You can kind of see the lake here. I'm toasting it with my Redd's. Those are so good!
Oh did I mention the lake was totally dry? Haha, I guess they drain it in the winter. But how great would it be in the summer!
Last but not least, look at this little poodle outside. I love this place! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

First Subscription Box: Doki Doki Bummertime.

::this has been in my drafts for a minute, so it is a little late. still wanted to post it for people looking to see if the Doki Doki box is for them::

I'm sure you've seen subscription boxes all over the internet. I am fascinated by them and had been dying to try one. How fun does it seem to get a monthly box of surprises in the mail! But which one?
Not a beauty box. I have worked in the natural beauty industry for the past five years so I have TONS of product and am kinda picky. Not a food one because none of the vegan ones are that interesting to me. I DO love kawaii Japanese stuff......I had been looking at the Doki Doki box from the makers of Japan Crate (a monthly kawaii food box) and when they advertised that their February box would be Studio Ghibli themed I decided to go for it! I was excited to post about it because I assumed it would be awesome.
Got that pink box in the mail, so excited!
Oooo look at how cute the inside of the box is!
So at first it looks really cute, I was even excited. Then I realized it was all bootleg stuff! Bad quality bootleg stuff! Licensed stuff from Studio Ghibli is pretty expensive, but with a $30 price tag for the box, you expect at least one or two official items. There were also only two Ghibli things. Womp womp.
Gudetama is one of my favorite characters (he is a lazy egg) but this little charm is such a bad bootleg. Not only does the chain come right out of his face for some reason, they didn't even sculpt a little butt. That is the best part of Gudetama! So disappointing.
This Jiji purse was the only thing in the box I actually liked. It would be perfect for taking out when I just need my id and some cash. But look at how wonky it is! That bow!
Here is the other "Ghibli" item. It is supposed to be a kawaii No Face from Spirited Away. That is my favorite Ghibli movie, and one of my favorite movies of all time, but this weird badly made little thing was not cute to me.
Here is everything from the box. There were some bootleg card capture sakura stuff, some 100 yen (or dollar store) items that were cute (like the little sticky notes and the wooden animals) and that plastic cat which is apparently a bootleg of a Japanese KFC toy. Definitely not worth $30.
After I received this box I looked online and apparently lots of people were disappointed by the quality. I was able to send it all back and get a full refund, but I didn't cancel my subscription in time so it looks like I'm getting the March box too. Hopefully it is better. I will still cancel, and see if maybe another subscription box is a better fit for me.
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