Monday, June 30, 2014

Percy Priest Lake

A friend of mine has been taking us out on Percy Priest Lake on his boat all summer. This past weekend might be the last time for a while because his wife is having a baby any day now. I need to meet someone else with a boat! Here are some photos from our Saturday. They are phone photos because I didn't want to take my nice camera on the little boat.
 Our cooler. I recently found out I like Angry Orchard cider. I REALLY like the elderflower one, but you only get two of those in a big summer multi-pack. We also brought some veggie dogs to cook. And stuff to make s'mores!
Travis and Lola on our way to the island! Stephen ferries everyone over two people at a time! I love Lola's little doggy life vest. I want to take the pugs swimming! Travis must have been telling a really good story here.
Setting up camp! Essentials are a big blanket that the dogs can mess up, our little seats, towels, beers, an of course my super noodle. There are tons of camp grounds scattered around the islands on Percy Priest lake with rocky little beaches and campfires. Stephen and his wife camp out here sometimes.
 Lola! She loves fetching tennis balls out of the lake and rolling in stuff. 
 Travis loves to comb the island for dead wood and make a fire. He bought me this fold up hat at goodwill last year and I forgot about it until recently. It is pretty cute, and matched my Ben DeLeCreme shirt. I got pretty sunburnt the day before we went to the lake so I kept covered up the whole day.
There were other people there, we were just on the island first. And once everyone else showed up I mostly swam and ate and drank cider. It was such a great day. That morning it POURED and we almost cancelled. Thank goodness the clouds parted!
There's a shot of the boat! Stephen started ferrying people back to the dock around 6:30 to make sure we were all out of there by the time the sun went down. Travis and I ended up being the last people waiting for a ride.
But I'm not complaining! It was such a wonderful day. It was so relaxing to float around with friends for a few hours. We're going to Rock Island this week, then it's almost time for the beach! I can't wait!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Flea Finds!

Here are our few finds from the flea this month. I think we only spent 12 bucks. Isn't that Marineland pennant cute? I've bought a few cute ones lately, I need to hang them up soon. I think I have the perfect spot.
Travis loves to shave with these old Gilette safety razors. He hasn't found one like this before, with the blue handle and starbursts! This one was in a booth that was full of 80's toys.
The woman I bought these from had a huge stack and was selling them for a buck a piece. I wish I would have picked up a few more. Jack and Jill was a kids magazine from the 60's. They are full of cute illustrations, ads, and craft projects.
This story is so cute! Like it says, the little girl's father works at a Children's Museum. There is a photo of her walking a fox and holding artifacts. Wouldn't that be a cool way to grow up?
The "Toss-and-Catch" game cracks me up! I don't know anyone who would like to get two bleach bottle tops and a ball of tin foil as a gift!
Here is a puppet to make. As you can see it looks pretty cool all together, but I kind of like the cowboy top with the horse legs! A wild west minotaur.
 Even the ads are fun to look at!
The last thing is this little Shriner planter. I was eying it but when Travis asked me about it I said "I love it, but I don't need to buy anymore planters." Then he had the genius idea to use it to hold our toothbrushes! Yes! It had a tag on it that said 5 dollars. Travis walked up to the vendor and said, "You have 5 dollars on this." and the guy said "How about four?" I love the no effort haggle. Then he didn't have change for a 10 so he gave it to us for 3 because that is how many dollar bills we had. Perfect!
Doesn't it look cute?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Nashville Flea!

It was pouring down rain this morning, but that couldn't keep us away from the flea market! It was probably good because it's been super hot and humid lately. With the rain it was just humid. Here are some of the things I saw:
 I always love kokeshi dolls.
 The prettiest vintage dish booth. So enticing, so expensive.
 I felt sorry for the outside vendors trying to keep their stuff dry. It didn't always work.
 I LOVED this show when I was little. I bet it doesn't hold up at all. And this game looked terrible!
 Isn't this a pretty lamp?
 And isn't this a CREEPY lamp? It was fuzzy. 
 Look at this perfect bird cage! The deer! 
 This little table top juke box was neat. I would love to have one to hang on my wall. 
Gosh, I love those old horse trophies so much. Someday when I have my much talked about wild west room maybe I'll have a whole shelf of them.
 This costume is so creepy! That mask!
 This vendor had bubble gum cards from so many random things! Like Robin Hood: Price of Thieves, Dune, and The Rocketeer. I almost got a pack of Star Trek cards hoping for some Spock, but the vendor never came over.
 Even with the rain it was still pretty crowded. 
 I'm kind of regretting not getting this plate. It is so pretty! And I love the squirrel on it. 
 I was also tempted by this tiny Ghost Town pennant. I went there when I was a kid and loved it.
 I almost bought this, but we only had a little cash and I was scared of spending too much at once. We ended up having about 30 bucks left over so I should have gone back!
More trophies! I'll show you what I picked up tomorrow. Not much, but some pretty cute stuff!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Estate Sale Report

I haven't been going to many sales lately, and they all seem to be kind of terrible! My estate sale radar must be off. Here are some photos from about five different houses. I think I bought two things total. The flea market is this weekend so hopefully my luck will change. 
How cute are the graphics on this toy box? I love that camel so much! It was is really bad shape on the bottom or I might have brought it home.
My new camera messes up photos sometimes. Which is really annoying. But from this you can tell a little how cool this house was! It was almost an hour away, or I might have gone back for a second photo. Someday maybe I'll have a little ranch house of my very own.
 Piles of little stuff. Cute fabrics and cute tiny baby booties. 
 Can I get this in my size? 
 Oh that blue tile! And the sink!
I wanted these drapes for a little hall in my house, but they wouldn't sell them. What is up with that? You know whoever buys this house is probably going to just thrown them in the trash!
Haha. This company prices all their records at 5 bucks. Which is crazy. I would have picked this one up for a buck.
 Pretty chalk birds.
 Tempting. But I knew I'd never actually paint it. 
 I liked that little weird metal out building. And that alien dude! 

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