Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recent Finds

I haven't been bringing much home lately, which is a triumph for me! I try to only bring things I have a use for/a spot for or something I collect. Here are the things I've picked up from a few antique malls / estate sales / flea markets in the last month. And I am proud to report that after taking these pictures every single thing in them were put in their rightful place! Woo! I'm trying to get out of the habit of leaving everything out on the table for weeks.
I picked up the planter and deer today to put some succulents in that are over flowing their current home. We got a small stack of old plastic bowls and a sugar bowl from a sale that had TONS of awesome old plastic dishes! I would have loved a whole set, but really didn't need it. Travis has been making tea a lot lately so we needed a sugar bowl. Can you believe I didn't have one in all my old kitchen stuff? Well, I had ONE but it is shaped like a cow and tiny and not the most user friendly.
The book that says Index is a great 1938 college yearbook that I'll show you in more detail later this week! It's really something! And those poodles in the back are a salt and pepper shaker set.
Travis bought me this JFK salt and pepper set for my birthday since I've been pining after one! How cute is he?
 He holds the pepper and the chair holds the salt!
 I had been looking for a little swanky swig with some kind of red pattern to keep in the kitchen for when I take my vitamins. That little star glass fits the bill perfectly! And you know I can't leave a knee hugger behind (as long as it is reasonably priced!)
A little flocked plastic salt and pepper shaker donkey. I don't have any like this in my collection, and he was just too cute to pass up!
 Of course there are going to be some vintage photos! I love the one of the guys all in a line especially.
 And this lady holding the sweet little dog. 
 And these ladies with their bowling trophies! I got this photo from one of my favorite dealers at the Nashville flea. He sets up in the rabbit barn and always has lots of vintage photos. He gave me this one for half off since he said I have probably bought over 100 pictures from him! Ha!
 And some books! The Marguerite Henry books aren't old, just from the early 80's but I remember checking those editions out from my elementary school library so I like to buy them when I see them. And the other two are actually Junior Deluxe Editions, which I collect! (I need to do an updated post, I have about 30 now!) I never knew what the looked like with the jackets on, so I bet I've missed out on tons!
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, because I actually prefer them without the jackets. Hmmm. We'll see.
I guess that is it! Can you believe that is all I've picked up in almost a month? I guess I'm going through a purging/slowing down phase in my collecting. I'm sure I'll be back to loading up my basket at estate sales soon enough!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The May Flea

So many Nashville bloggers have posted about how amazing the flea market was this month. I'm sad that Travis and I only made it out for about an hour. I waited for him to get off work, and I had an appointment to get my hair cut (after 8 months! yeesh!) so we just made a quick round. Here are a few things we saw. 
I really wanted to buy this big mug for Travis to drink his smoothies out of! But I didn't want to spend 12 bucks on it. It is pretty amazing though!
 I still love taxidermy. I just can't help it!
 I also love old bread boxes like this. 
I kind of wish we had asked about this awesome safety glasses required in this area sign we saw. It would look great hanging on my wall!
I love a shelf full of dogs and cats. Can you believe I resisted all of these guys?
 We couldn't resist this fox head from 1970 though. 
I can't wait for the flea market next month! I hope I get to spend most of the day digging through all the buildings!

Monday, May 27, 2013

What I didn't buy in Chattanooga

 Travis and I were both off on Saturday for our anniversary, but we didn't have any plans. After agonizing over what to do for way too long, we decided to drive down to Chattanooga and go to the aquarium. Then when we got there, we decided we DIDN'T want to go to the aquarium...
 But it was a beautiful day for a drive. And we went to one of the antique malls we really like while we were there. Here are some things we saw:
Have you ever seen a play set of that tupperware? How cute is that! If we had a kid I would have totally bought that.
 Maybe the cutest radio I've ever seen! 
 Little made in Japan eraser with google eyes.
 This must have been somebody's skunk collection! 
 What a great pin! That is a club I would join. 
I bought a few vintage photos of course, but not this one. Look at that hat in the middle! I wonder what these kids were dressed up for. It reminds me of outfits my mom dressed my brother and I in for Easter.
 "assorted tiny creatures"
 This sign looked pretty promising! Too bad there weren't any poodles in there I really wanted. 
That red thing is an old dog carrier! I don't know what I would do with it, but I loved it. Travis was the voice of reason though. I wonder how well it would have worked when it was made. It is made of cardboard!
 Before we headed back home we stopped at Sluggo's North, which is one of my favorite restaurants!
 I get the same thing I always do. It is just so good I can't change it up! It is a vegan club sandwich. Yummmm. And I always get a side of their amazing pinto beans and a salad with tahini dressing.
We split a piece cake that was out of this world! Did you know oreos are vegan? 

It was a pretty great day even though we didn't do that much. We also had tickets to see the national tour of the Lion King stage show. It was amazing! The costumes and puppets were so cool! Have you seen it?

Friday, May 24, 2013

5 years!

 photo wedding.jpg
Today is our five year wedding anniversary! We wanted to take some kind of big trip (5 years ago we planned on New Zealand) but it isn't in the cards for us right now. I'm not sure what we're going to do today, but tomorrow we have tickets for the Lion King on stage! I'm really excited about it!
I'll leave you with some of my favorite photos from our wedding! It was such a fun and perfect day!
 photo IMG_6356_01.jpg
 photo IMG_5974.jpg
 photo IMG_6696-1.jpg
 photo IMG_6617.jpg
 photo IMG_6635.jpg
 photo IMG_7007.jpg
 photo IMG_6383.jpg
 photo IMG_6803.jpg
 photo IMG_6120.jpg
 photo IMG_7057.jpg
 photo IMG_7087.jpg
This picture of my best friend Thomas reeling my mom in will forever be one of my favorites!
 photo IMG_7115.jpg
I love you Travis! Here is to one hundred more years together!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Flea Land!

Travis and I were both off last Saturday so we decided to take a little trip up to Kentucky to check out Flea Land. We went a few years ago during the week, but had been wanting to check out the flea market part that is only open on the weekend. 
Sadly it was NOT good! It was even crappier than the crappiest parts of the Nashville flea! Haha, we had a good time looking at the novelty license plates and bongs. There were bunches of puppies too.
 These Mr. Winkle photos were the best things we saw! Ha!
 Thankfully there is a big antique portion of the building so the drive was totally worth it.
 This booth had tons of pastel pink vintage baby/kid stuff. It looked so good all together!
The cute little doll bed was lined with precious fabric featuring a bunny reading to a baby. And check out that sweet little poodle case!
 I found another poodle box! This one was just 12 bucks! I left it behind though. 
I had this deer tea pot, and got it for a steal, but it was broken by the cats. I keep almost buying it again. Isn't the little deer handle adorable?
 This area always has tons of chalkware! I liked that little kewpie. 
I was excited when I saw this game peeking out from a shelf, but it turned out to just be pin the tail on the donkey. He is still pretty cute thought with that hat!
Look at this dream pet Shriner! I went back on fourth about buying him because he is cute and I haven't seen anything like it, but in the end I left him behind. Have you seen one before?
 I also loved these teeny little celebrity portraits in frames! They are about postage stamp size. 
And last but not least, this poodle lady with jewel eyes and some cat eye frames! I kind of can't believe I didn't pick this up! I'm trying to bring home less knick knacks. And I am a little bit successful so far. We ended up with a few things from this shop, I'll show you soon!

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