Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

I know I've told you before that Travis brings me home little vintage presents all the time. Well the other day I was sitting on the floor in my craft room organizing something, and I looked over and saw this cute little thing under my sewing table. (Please ignore the messy cords. Dangit why didn't I move those!)
He is so cute! It really made my day. I asked him about it when he got home and he said it had been there for two weeks. Could he be any sweeter?
Speaking of sweet, check out the other man in my life, Murray. He can't resist being right where I am.

Friday, March 30, 2012

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing all the pretty flowers bloom in my yard. A new addition this year is this beautiful pink plant that is randomly growing up through one of the shrubs in front of my porch. I love it!

Our lilac bush is in full effect.
These tulips didn't make an appearance last year, but I've got three this year! Maybe this fall I'll actually plant daffodils in this side bed.  (i've been saying that since we moved in, 2010!)
And my favorite, my pink dogwood is blowing me away!
Just gorgeous.
Of course, this is how I'm spending this beautiful day, sitting on the couch with my ladies, watching Mad Men on netflix. I finally started watching it, and now I'm hooked! I'll do my best to go out later. Phyllis makes it pretty hard though.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Holga Class!

I learned how to scan film this week, so here are some of the images I've gotten with my holga! I love being able to scan them and see what I got, without having to make prints of every single one.
One of the few double exposures I haven't over exposed so far.
My dogwood tree. I like the weird focus, it was an accident.
In my backyard. I love a light leak of course.
Majestic Priscilla.
Accidental double exposure that I really like. Close up of weeds + wider shot of the back yard.
And some more dogwood. I'm getting the hang of it, and am starting to be able to predict what I'll get. Too bad the darkroom will be closed all summer. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some recent thrift finds.

Here are a few recent goodwill outlet finds. These were mostly found by Travis actually. I love coming home to find a little vintage treasure waiting for me. These are actually from before his birthday trip. I can't decide if I want to paint that little shelf of not. I kind of like the gold.
This is a silly thing to put in front of a door to stop drafts! I LOVE these things. We have a duck one in our room. It is full of beads. 
Some cute paper plate holders. I like the graphics a lot!
A sweet parrot planter. I found this one. It has a little chip on the front, but I don't mind. I got a succulent book recently, I'm going to try and actually keep some alive soon!
Stocks and Bonds! My friend Thomas actually bought a copy of this 1964 board game during our  Gatlinburg trip last fall. We played it recently and it was so fun! So when Travis came across another copy at the Goodwill outlet he snatched it up!
It is really dorky and reminds me of doing the budget, which I love to do! You buy and sell stocks, and roll dice and the price can go up or down with a bull or bear market. You write the stock prices on the board with chalk. 
It was missing the chalk and dice, but I have a little dice stash so it is ok. You also need calculators to play the game. I should have taken a picture of the score sheets! So much math! 
And last but not least, Travis found me another JR Deluxe edition for my collection! I read it the day after he got it for me, and it is SO SAD. and BRUTAL. I feel like something dies on every page!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pugs in the Park

We finally made it back to our local pug meet up group after almost a year! The girls were very excited about it. You can't take the crate to the car before you are ready to go because they will FLIP OUT once they know they get to go somewhere.
We met this dude, who had just gotten shaved. Look at this skinny tail! And his rolls were so visible. So so precious! I think his name was Mack.
Emma always hides under her mom and chases away any other pugs who come near her.
Louie. He was a breeder dog before he got adopted, and is really shy. I want to pick him up so bad!
Little miss Priscilla. Our usual spot is still under construction, so we ended up in the mud.
Mack again. There was a white pug there too! But I never got a good picture. There was a sweet black girl named Bunk, and two pregnant pugs! And two 6 month old puppies, one with a pink nose! I love getting to pet all the pugs. 
A non-pug friend. I guess that is allowed. Haha.
Travis really wanted to try shaving Priscilla, so we did it when we got home. Look at how apprehensive she is.
So fun! She didn't mind, except when it got to her neck. The buzzing was loud.We had a guard on it of course. It is the one Travis uses to cut his hair.
She had to run it off as soon as we released her. Look at that tail!

Here is our little prized catch! She looks pretty cute. More white, and you can see her spots.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Travis' Birthday!

As I posted before, Travis' 27th birthday was last Thursday. He didn't want to do anything big, so we just made it a do whatever he wants to do day, which turned into a mall shopping spree somehow. Haha. And somehow I took so many pictures! I tried to narrow it down. Here we are on our way to brunch with our friend Crystal.
We ate at a place we normally love. My food was good as usual (I LOVE their home fries) but there were winged bugs (we think they were termites) flying all over us! I still don't know why we didn't just get up and leave? So we probably won't be back. Which sucks because I really do love having breakfast there.
Travis wanted a new pair of shoes, so we started out near the mall. Look at that cutie. He has a toothpick in his mouth, if you are wondering what that little stick is.
Then we ended up at the mall. Crystal and I both used to work at this candy store. I hadn't been to the mall in so long! It was weird being back. And I think I won't need to be back for a year or two.
We even indulged him and went to REI, his favorite! He bought a new camping hammock. I got to lay in it yesterday and it was totally awesome!
Travis' pluot. Look how good that looks! I wish I had gotten one.
Then we went to his new favorite place, the Coin Purse!
I liked looking through the wooden nickels and 50 cent paper money.
I thought this would be our most boring stop, but it was actually really fun.
Travis has been buying bags of miscellaneous coins and shorting them.
Then of course we ended up at Travis' home away from home. He goes here more than I do. He got on to me about not giving him credit for some of his thrift finds. Usually I just lump them all together. So here is his shout out! Travis has a really good eye for vintage and brings me home goodies all the time.

Ugh, I have a really hard time turning down anything Harry Potter related. I didn't get this castle though, it was missing lots of pieces. And it was huge and I don't need it. 
Friends digging through junk. We had a really good time and were there over an hour!
Sometimes I have to take a picture of something to make it ok for me to leave it there (I'm not crazy I swear!). This box was so cute but there was nothing cute in it. 

Now that our car was packed from our shopping spree, we went to dinner at our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant. To be fair, there was stuff in the trunk already, we didn't get THAT much stuff.

After dinner we went to Crystal and Marc's house to eat cake and hang out until it was midnight. Travis requested a fudge swirl cake with chocolate icing. 
Crystal got this cute furby at the outlet. It was pretty much perfectly her.
We played Settlers of Catan of course. It takes so long to set up and explain! I always forget that when we teach new people. We didn't get very far before it was time for the movie.
We went to see the Hunger Games at midnight of course! I love midnight movies! And I thought it was really good! The only thing I hated was that she finds the mockingjay pin randomly and it really has no meaning to her, instead of her friend giving it to her because it belonged to her aunt who fought against the capitol. Totally changes the meaning of her wearing it in the arena! But other than that, I thought they did a pretty great job. I can't wait for the next one!
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