Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chan Party

I went to a halloween party last weekend.

it was really fun!
as you know, thomas is a strange human being. for some reason this year he was obsessed with having a huge gold turban. but he didn't want to buy one from the local costume shop, he wanted someone to make him one! so crystal and marc obliged him. he was thrilled with it!

he also wanted a fancy king costume. but he didn't want to pay the 65 dollar rental fee. so he paid WAY MORE for this costume. because, as he said "there are so many occasions i can wear this!"

we call these "snape sleeves"

perfect. notice he is not wearing the turban he just had to have.

our favorite part of parties is getting ready.

btw, this is crystal's family halloween party. we are at her aunt's house.

ready! i'm wearing false eyelashes for the first time. it was fun!

travis has the most low maintenance costume. as usual he has to sit around forever waiting for us.

this is crystal's big sister jessica. she is ridiculous.

i tell the boys "get in character!"
we finally go join the party! crystal's family is really fun!

her adorable parents. joy and castle.

so many cute dogs there! olivia is a Pekinese and looks just like rose with long hair!

her name is tickles!!!

hot dog roasting! they had lots of vegetarian stuff too. and chili. and cookies made with nuetella.
thomas and i danced alot! i taught jaminson how to do the twist. i don't know why i have no pictures of him. he was dressed as swamp thing.

i don't know what is going on here. we weren't doing the ymca.

sleep travis at the tail end of the party.

i had a great time! i can't wait for my halloween weekend! even though rocky horror is sold out. ugggghhh.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin' Patchin'

last saturday i decided to take a day off from our vegan month and have a pumpkin donut from krispy kreme, since they only have them in october!
too bad it was kind of ugly. i had the day off, but pretty much everyone i knew was busy so i was determined to have a day of fall fun!

i put on my new tights to get myself in the halloween mood.

i go visit some friends at the craft show they are doing.

their booth is the cutest one there by far! but as usual it's the wrong crowd.

i bought this cute s'mores charm. i'm going to make it into a necklace.
i left after a few hours. brittany was already succumbing to the craft show depression. haha. that's why i stopped doing them. couldn't handle the rejection.

i finally go to this store!! it's really really cute and they teach bento classes!
they also have a totoro section. dangerous!

i bought that.

and a phone charm. because i am 14 years old. i already broke it! ugggh.

then i went to the pumpkin patch! i hadn't been to even one so far this year.

hicklin farms is my favorite. no pumpkins over 3 bucks! and they are all grown on that farm!

and they have a pug! named daisy! who was sweet.
i spent 10 bucks and got 6 pumpkin and a bag on mini pumpkins and gourds. pretty nice. the little old man who runs it (mr. hicklin) just looks at your wagon and usually says "ten dollars!" they were pretty much completely out of any interesting varieties so i went up the road to walden farm.

it was PACKED. you can't really tell in the picture but over in the activities area by the animals and stuff you couldn't hardly walk! i definitely felt like a weirdo loser walking around alone with my camera around all the families. so after a quick lap around the baby cows i picked up a cheese pumpkin and a jaradale pumpkin i left. the pumpkin patch was definitely not as fun by myself.
i decided to just pile them all by my back door so i could see them every day. i put one big one on the front porch. that is the extent of my fall decorating this year. i've been really lazy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoo Date

the other day travis took me a on a date to the nashville zoo! believe it or not it is the first time i've been since we moved. and we only live a mile away now! and i have a membership. it's just been so hot this summer, it seemed pointless because all the animals would be hiding in the shade. so here are a few photos.

the lorikeets weren't hungry. but they were still really cute.

i LOVE the hand wash station!! and the air to dry your hands cracks me up every time.

the flamingos are new. the newsletter made it sound like their exhibit was really awesome and exciting. but it was pretty boring.

we had pei wei for lunch. we hadn't been there in a really long time.
i got tofu and veggies and it was really good! i had edamame for the first time and really liked it.
we went to the belcourt and saw this. it was great. and somehow i didn't know that homosexuality was illegal so recently! also, there were lots of guys with cute huge mustaches in the audience. bonus!

then we made a late night stop at the dog of nashville for some of their amazing hand cut fries. mmmm. i love date night!
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