Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flea Finds.

Oh man I went to a GREAT estate sale this morning. It was a christmas lovers heaven! But I haven't had a chance to photograph anything. So for now, here is what I ended up with from the flea market this month. I got some photos of course. A few for my vintage dog photo collection, a Christmas photo, and one I just liked.
I like her facial expression and that little pointed hood! And her uneven bangs. And the clown. I guess everything about it.
I finally bought some reflectors! I'm still kicking myself for not buying the shoe box full at an estate sale earlier this year. But here are a few to hold me over. There are a few of each kind.
Another weakness. Vintage brooches. I picked up the old mink one at first as a joke to show Thomas, but then I loved it. I think it was the goggly eyes.
This is a teeny little pin, maybe half an inch? (edit: I wore this to work and already lost it. wah!)
This one reminds me of a certain someone, lurking in the background.
And check out this puzzle! Could it be any cuter? It is missing a few pieces, but for a dollar, I'll just enjoy the box. The illustration is by Helen Haywood. Google her, you will find some cute stuff.
I think for just an hour, I came out with some cute stuff! And I only spent 12 dollars!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Nashville Flea

I skipped out on the flea market last month because the heat at the July market almost killed me. I had waited for a friend to get to my house before leaving, and I had a hair cut appointment so we only had about an hour to browse. But We saw some great things!
These huge owl lamps were awesome!
Fat "made in Japan" baby.
Every time I see something like this I contemplate buying it to push Phyllis around in. How cute would that be? (Priscilla tries to leap out of anything I put her in, so she wouldn't get to ride!)
Do people really pay over 50 or 100 dollars for jars? I see them all the time. Especially that Old Judge jar. They don't seem that rare. Maybe I'm just cheap, haha!
I'm not super into 70's stuff but I loved this all together! That front cake carrier is great.
I really loved this green type writer desk!
Thomas asked how much that huge moose was and the lady seemed really pissed to be asked. It was 1900 dollars! She also had a big pile of dog show ribbons that were awesome and when I asked the price she said 60 dollars for them all and wouldn't think of selling me just one. Lame.
These chairs were already sold and Thomas and I are still texting each other lamenting that he didn't get them. They felt SO GOOD on your back. For real. It was like they forced you into good posture. 
Look at this bar! Have you ever seen something like it? I really loved it.
After my haircut we decided to check out an auction at this place downtown. If you have been through Nashville you have probably seen it. I thought since their rent was probably high? They would probably have mostly nice stuff. Boy was I wrong!
It was so strange! It was almost as if they had gotten a few bins worth of stuff from the Goodwill Outlet and thrown it on tables. There was so much broken stuff, and just CRAP that no one would want, much less bid for at an auction! The only things I liked were this cute polish can, and there was one Dream Pet deer. 
I really can't imagine why they would waste their time staffing this auction and advertising it. It wasn't even just not my taste, there were so few actually interesting things. We didn't even stay until the auction started. Though now I wish I could have seen what the deal was. Were people buying big lots to resell? But why? I'm still baffled. 
The one cool thing they had was this circus banner! It was HUGE! We asked the price and were just told "Really high." They weren't auctioning it off or anything. So I think we're going to avoid this place from now on. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Around here

My favorite part of the day is hanging out in the living room together loving on the pugs. We have this fun game where we see how close we can sneak to Priscilla before she wakes up, since she is deaf.
I have so much fun stuff coming up! I'm getting tattooed on Wednesday, there is an amazing looking estate sale on Thursday, we're going camping, to the banana pudding festival,  and to Louisville, and to parties and I just ordered a Halloween costume! October is my favorite month and this one is shaping up to be excellent! Especially after my sub-par September. It was capped off today when I had to get a tetanus shot because someone broke glass at work, didn't clean it up, and it got stuck in my hand. UGH.
This is random but Travis' parents dropped off his passport the other day. The day it was issued was just a few days before we met for the first time. Look at that little baby. He was 16. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some great finds.

Here is what I ended up with from the two sales I posted about yesterday. Not a bad little haul.
I really can't resist a pretty vintage trash can.
Under the trash can you can see folded up these great hand towels! I can't pick a favorite! All three are too good! Well, maybe I like the tower of fruit the best.
I love vintage valentine's but I don't find them at estate sales ever. I was happy to find this one, and even happier when it was a quarter! I have also been looking for a little pyrex measuring cup, and you know I can't resist a book with a poodle on the cover.
A cute beach hat and beach bag! Maybe I'll be brave and actually use them!
Speaking of cute...
I can't resist a vintage game! The Situation 7 and roulette weren't even opened yet!
Situation 7 is apparently a space puzzle game. I can't wait to play this!
The Chuck A Luck game is missing the directions. But I'm sure I can find them online. But look how stylish it looks!
This might be my favorite find! It looks like just a cute crochet panda at first...
But it is actually a cover for your bottle of comet! Everyone needs one of these to cover up those unsightly comet bottles.
There were some GREAT vintage photos at the second house. Lisa suggested that maybe the owner was an antique dealer at one point because they obviously weren't all of one family. 
I like this beautiful lady and that caption!  I think I'm going to use her in my Halloween display.
Look at all these little kids dressed up like for a wedding! I would love to know the story behind this.
Even more I would love to know the story behind those cone hats! Amazing!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Estate Report!

I got to go to some estate sales on Thursday morning with Lisa and Eartha. I love knowing people who are totally willing to schlep across town early in the morning based on some blurry photos posted online. After a mix up in addresses/pictures that had the three of us charging through one house saying "But where is the COAT? The leopard coat?" we made it to the house we had meant to visit first. It was incredible. Probably one of the best houses I've gotten to go inside in all my days of estate sales. Eartha did a great post on it already, but I had to add my two cents and show you even more pictures of this house! I didn't think anyone would complain, hah!
See that lamp? I don't know if you can tell how amazing it is, but there was a pair, and they were already sold, and I am still heartbroken. I LOVED them. Especially paired with those end tables and that couch! This was the down stairs "rumpus room".
Some great chairs in the kitchen. At first I thought they were asking 195 for the whole set, but that turned out to be per chair. Dang! I wonder if they went home with someone. 
Did you think I was going to move out without mentioning that wallpaper? No way! It is SO PERFECT. I would love that in my craft room. Or my bedroom. Or every wall in my house.
Other than the kitchen, this was my favorite wall paper. I love the red and white roses, and the pretty light blue. Wouldn't it make a beautiful dress?
None of my pictures of this gorgeous paper caught the color correctly. I really love it. And I love the painted trim! I didn't notice it while we were there, but looking at the pictures I really love it. I feel like I haven't seen that in a house before! I really hope someone who will love how the house is already will buy it. Everything was so beautifully taken care of. I would move into that house tomorrow!
Here is the lovely Lisa and one of her amazing finds. The back of it was another cute creature. I can't remember what it was now, because the puggy fellow on the front was too distracting. Now I'm distracted by that magnolia paper in the background. I didn't get a picture of it though!
The second house would have been a gem any other day, but after the first sale it was 'meh'. I did love this fake wall of books in the "library". At first glance I thought it really was books.
No I did not buy this aqua vacuum. It was so cute though!
Another basement kitchen. I'll come back and show you what I DID end up with tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Gift from Tuni

I love reading pug blogs. There are a LOT of them out there, and one of my favorites is The Girls. It stars Sequoia and Emma (who is brindle! I hadn't seen a brindle pug before) and Petunia, who is known as Tuni. Tuni is my favorite, she reminds me of Phyllis, but even CUTER (don't tell Phyllis I said that) because her little tongue is always out. Sadly Tuni left this world earlier this year, you can see a great tribute post to her here, with lots of cute pictures. Recently Tuni's mom did a little giveaway to send some of Tuni's favorite toys to other pugs out there in the world. Phyllis and Priscilla got chosen, and here is their new toy! Look how cute!
The only toys they are remotely interested in are little stuffed animals. Look at that concentration!
I wanted to get a sweet picture with it in between them. Didn't work!
Priscilla snatched it! I let them lick it for a little while then put it up for now. The like to slowly destroy their toys. Licking them over and over and sucking on them. Such weirdoes.
So casual.

Thanks for the new toy Tuni!
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