Thursday, June 28, 2012

We took the plunge

Travis and I have been avoiding getting smart phones for a LONG time. I always said I didn't want to get MORE obsessed with the internet than I already am. But a week or two ago Travis decided that having one would really help him with his selling on ebay (he has been doing so great!) and his new job will bring in more money for us, so we decided to go ahead and get new phones...
So now I have an iphone! We are a Mac family over here, so even though we looked at the Droids, it was really a no brainer for us. I'm really excited about it! And I'm doing my best not to get obsessed. My favorite things so far are Cat Paint, Instagram, and Draw Something! You can find me with the name Raesock, as usual! Tell me what apps to download!
I'm setting up my case at the antique booth tomorrow, so I'm going to spend the rest of the day cleaning and tagging and organizing my stuff! I'm really excited! And nervous. I'll be sure to show you how it turns out. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebration Dinner!

Travis started his new job today! To celebrate, we went out to dinner! We had planned to go a Korean place that Travis is in love with, but it was closed monday. Then we tried to go to the Gerst Haus, but it was closed! Then I was about to DIE from hunger so we went to Chuy's. Haha. Do you have one in your town? It is a chain, but it is pretty cute inside! (This is his proud face)
See? It was about 4:30 so it was dead! But when you get to work at 6am, 4:30 is a pretty good dinner time! (I feel so old! We went to bed at 10:30 too!)
Their  chips are so good! Really thin and freshly fried. Yummmm.
I got a huge bean and cheese burrito. Travis had fish tacos, and as my gift to him on his special day, I didn't make him wait to eat it until I took a picture.
After that we went across the street to Gigi's cupcakes! Mine was Merry Margarita! It have been loving citrus this summer! Look at all that icing! I had to wipe some of it off because it was just too much!
While we were enjoying our cupcakes this pink hummer limo pulled up! Then about 10 little girls poured out! Mostly wearing pink. It was a birthday party, and they got to ride in this from Lebanon (probably 40 minutes away) just to get cupcakes! How fancy! 
Travis got double chocolate. And squashed it before I got a picture!
So here is to Travis and his new job! We're really excited for this change and I think it is going to be great for us. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Flea Finds

Here is my little tiny flea market haul. I got another Junior Deluxe Edition for my collection! I'm up to 24 now! Just a little over 60 to go, haha!
Sweet little bone china egg with a deer in it.
I am in LOVE with this snack hound! How cute! In researching it online I found there is a smaller one that goes with it called "peanut pup"! I am on a mission to find one! Keep your eyes peeled for me!
You put crackers in him, and then pretzels on his tail! Ah! This is one of my favorite things I've found so far this year!
I saw a whole set of these glasses with different space missions, and the carafe at the fancy pyrex booth for more money then I wanted to spend. Then I found the carafe for a few bucks at another booth! Yay! I have one of the glasses too. Isn't it cute!
We got this 8MM copy of phantom of the opera. Hopefully it will work on our projector! We haven't had much lucky buying reels we can actually play on it. For two bucks we decided to give it a chance.
These are the only photos I bought. Usually I come home with at least 20. Not many vendors had them for some reason. Check out that western family!
Look at her perfect curls!
I loved this group of girlfriends hanging out on the lawn.
Did you guess that I bought this Poodle Clipping Book? You know I couldn't resist. I feel like I am destined to have a poodle some day.
There are over 65 cuts in this book! Look at the sweet heart one!
And each cut has a multitude of mustache options.
My antique case has to be set up this weekend, so I am spending my week frankly trying to get ready after work! Ahhh! I hope I can pull it together in time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The June Flea

We headed out to the monthly Nashville flea market on Saturday. It was so freaking HOT! I think the high was 97! Despite that, I saw some pretty cute stuff. Here is my traditional picture of my favorite building at the market! I take one every time, I should do a post with them all together to see the seasonal changes. 
I noticed this gooseberry pyrex pattern that I had never seen before (the pink). How cute!
Then I saw it everywhere that day! Good thing I'm sticking to just butterprint.
I was also seeing poodles everywhere!

Pretty good Halloween costume idea!
Poodle! Travis in the background was asking the price on some knives (125 dollars! ahh!)
Look at how cute this box is! Too bad the bank inside wasn't nearly as cute.
I love the message on the side.  Tons of fun to watch the dismay of your friends.
Could this picture be any sweeter? You know I bought it. The album behind it is pretty great too.
I had to take a picture of this! I used to sing the title song from the gnome mobile movie and my dad tried to convince me that I made it up. Ha! Take that dad!
My friend Marcie came with us! It was her first time at the flea! It actually wasn't as great as usual, I think maybe because it was so hot. It made me lose my patience instead of digging for treasures. But I'm so happy we got to hang out! 
This game was so cute! You spun a wheel and got different bones to make up a full skeleton. To bad it was 50 bucks. And I didn't notice the beam of light when i took this somehow. Sorry!
After about four hours we left. I felt really sick, i think from the heat, even though I drank lots of water and then electrolyte replenisher when I got home. We ended up at Istanbul and I ate some falafel. I'll show you the few things I picked up tomorrow! One is one of my favorite finds of the year!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bloody movies in the park

Another movies in the park week! Just one more left, such a bummer. This time just Crystal was able to go with me. Everyone had to work, or just didn't want to see the movie, since it was Breaking Dawn. But I love how rediculous the Twilight movies are, so I couldn't wait to see it in the park! Here we are, after tearing ourselves away from those puppies I mentioned in the last post. Crystal is my best friend in the whole wide world. 
I didn't want to wait in line at the Grilled Cheeserie (probably the best food truck I've ever eaten from!) so I just got a slice from Pizza Perfect and a cupcake from the Cupcake Collective.
It was strawberry lemonade. It was GOOD. There was a real strawberry in the cake. Mmm.
Crit and I had fun talking about the fashions we saw, and commenting on all the cute dogs that walked by. I wish I could have brought one of the pugs. But it was really hot until the sun went down.
My kettle corn from the week before still tasted good! I almost couldn't believe it. I guess the candy shell keeps the staleness away. Or makes it taste so good you don't care.
We got really good seats and enjoyed the movie. I am surprised they picked it for the park. It isn't really a family movie at all! There is the long awkward honeymoon with the long awkward sexy scenes. Then there is Bella wasting away as the monster baby starves her from inside, and then the birth scene! We kept screaming and covering our eyes. Pretty fun. Here is Bella in her bloody wedding dress.
I'll be back tomorrow to show you the sights from the flea market this weekend! I didn't end up bringing much home, but I got a few real gems! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Puppy in the Family

One of my best friends just got a new puppy. You KNOW I was over there within a few hours. This is Ryan's new border collie mix puppy, Taft! Look at this happy new daddy!
It is a long story, but he is also watching Taft's sister Bennie for a few days this week. They are six weeks old. They will go back to their mom after this week, and Ryan will get Taft back when he is 8 weeks. I can't decide which is cuter! 
Here comes a puppy picspam! We were only there a little more than an hour, but it took 170 pictures! Don't worry, I'm only posting 13.
Something about those razor sharp puppy teeth!
Crystal came with me. She is a fellow puppy breath connoisseur.

Look at that mouth!
Puppy dream boat.

I mean seriously, could a puppy be any cuter?
They better learn how to pose.

It was puppy love at first site. I can't wait to see this little dude grow up!
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