Monday, April 29, 2013

The April Flea

It's that time again! The Nashville Flea was this past weekend. I only got to go on Friday because of work, but that turned out great! It POURED rain Saturday so it was probably miserable. I always take a photo of the front of my favorite building. I need to put them all together so we can see how it changes over the months. 
 I was tempted by these flamingos. Aren't they pretty? 
I liked that wooden duck planter a lot! But I'm trying to resist planters since I never PLANT anything in them. See how many cute little kid hangers this vendor had too? I love those.
 Taxidermy guy stalking the shoppers.
 A pile of cute old stuffed animals. Thankfully all the ones I liked were too damaged to bring home.
I always love a wall squirrel! I ended up buying one of the gray ones, because I don't have one that color.
 Can you tell that it says "I love gum"? How cute and gross!
One vendor had this AMAZING scrapbook of a family's travels. They went to India and have pictures in a leper colony! I would have loved to add it to my collection but they wanted a LOT for it. I got some of their loose pictures. I would have loved those sombrero ones!
I just brought home a few things. A silly long limbed Dream Pet monkey and a sewing box! And yes, that is the same one I saw at an antique mall in Sevierville for 120 bucks! This one was 10! I need to straighten it out a little and clean the top, but it is in great shape! I was so excited to find it!
Travis went later in the day while I was doing a work thing, and brought me a few little presents. Some little bulldog salt and pepper shakers for my collection, and some of those rude pins I like!
And of course a pile of pictures! I'll show you more about them soon! I found one that I think is so hilarious! And that little booklet is someone's memory book kind of thing and it is full of the best signatures and poems!
 And I'll leave you with one more shot of that crazy monkey! I love his legs!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cute Lunch!

I try and pack my lunch for work every day. It doesn't only save me money, it also helps me make healthier choices. I used to always eat a HUGE piece of cheese pizza because it was quick and easy. As you know, I like for everything in my environment to be cute, with a face if possible. So for my birthday I treated myself to an order from Bento USA!
 If you google search Bentos you will see all kinds of amazing cute lunches! I'm not talented at making my food look like Totoro (seriously, click that link!)or a garden, but the cute little accessories make packing my lunch more fun.
 A fun utensil set!
 These little pandas are for holding soy sauce! Or in my case, Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
 The little chicken holds seasonings! And the yellow bear is the perfect size for my salad dressing.
 I got a few packs of food pics. 
This package is probably my favorite. I love the question marks. What does it mean?!
 I've only used my stuff to pack a few lunches, but you know I documented it with ol' instagram. See the bear full of dressing? The puppy head full of hummus, and the picks in the vegan bundt cake and the cucumbers? So precious! I packed it in my tiffin.
 And here is my lunch from today! I think the egg guy is for mayonnaise, but I put dressing in it. The chick is full of this good seaweed seasoning Travis got at the Korean market near us. And that little giraffe was the perfect size to eat my cake! (we had THREE CAKES around for my birthday! We're finally out).
We got this book for vegan lunch packing ideas, I can't wait to try things from it! I have this book which is great as well.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!

After we saw the movie 42 Travis said "I can't believe you hate baseball!" I told him I didn't hate it, I just don't care about sports. The next thing I knew he had bought us tickets to see the local minor league team, the Sounds! The stadium is just a few minutes from our house and the tickets are so cheap! It was a fun way to spend a beautiful day. 
 We were sitting right behind the dugout. It was scary! I was sure I was going to get hit with a ball!
There were so many mascots there. I forget where the shark was from, but the frog was from rainforest cafe, and the lionish thing is the sounds mascot. That other thing is a CMT award? I think? So weird!
Peanuts! The guy next to us was spitting tobacco juice all over the floor! It was so nasty! His kids almost slipped it in so many times! Ugh!!! After about 20 minutes I started to get sun burned (I even put on sun screen! I'm too sensitive.
We escaped to the restaurant on the fourth floor. I can't believe my parents never took me up there! It is perfect! You can watch the game in the air conditioning and eat fries!
 And pickle chips!
Poor Travis. I think he'll probably take someone else to the game with him next time. I was too distracted. Isn't the score board cute though?
And look! Even more mascots! We left during the 9th inning because we were going to Eartha's house to dig through her garage. One of these nights we're going to go to a game with our bar trivia group.
 We finally made it to I Dream of Weenie after Eartha's house. I don't know what took us so long!
Isn't it cute? My tofu dog was so delicious! And I love the spicy ginger ale! We took our dogs to our best friends' house and watched Wife Swap. Why is that show so addictive?
I'm so happy it is getting sunny and warm! There are some big changes coming along for me this season and I'm nervous, and excited for them. (No I'm not pregnant or anything, ha!) It's been raining the past few days, but hopefully next week will be beautiful!

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Henry Ford Museum!

The Henry Ford Museum was another suggestion for our trip. I wasn't so sure I wanted to go, because it was 17 bucks (and I am cheap!) but Travis wanted to go so we did. And boy am I glad! I shouldn't have doubted a blog reader recommendation! It was totally awesome!
The museum has lots of exhibits about innovation and technology as it changed through the ages. Which sounds kind of boring but it was heaven for a vintage lover! And the first thing you see when you go in is this wienermobile! What I wouldn't give to have this car as my main vehicle!
 Self portrait with a hot dog chair.
 Travis is cute.
 How much do you love this "Partio". It is a cart that has a stove on one side, and a barbecue and rotissory on the other side! This one was owned by Eisenhower and was in his Palm Springs home!
Here is the Dymaxion House! It was a concept home, that was meant to be pre fabricated and sold to the public. There were only two made and this one is made with parts from both. It was pretty cute inside.  
 There was a little Eames exhibit in a larger exhibit about furniture. How cute are they in that picture!
 There is a Model T in the museum that they take apart every night and then assemble every day! The woman working the exhibit was REALLY aggressive about us helping. It was weird. But also neat. I screwed in some kind of bolt. Here is Travis screwing in another bolt.
There was a section with technology from the 1900's through today. I loved all the records. There was a case about the 90's. It was funny to see things in a museum that I used as a kid, like an old game boy with Dr. Mario in it! And furbys!
 There was a green screen where you could dance in front of an 80's video. Here is Travis grooving to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
 Oh to be a 1950's teen. 
 How much do you love that little rock and roll hat? 
And a case full of movie memerobilia! I took so many pictures in this place! There was cool stuff around every corner!
 Look at that beautiful neon!
 There was even a working diner in the car section! How cute is that! 
 Since it was the Henry Ford museum there was a large section devoted to cars and how the have changed. There were some beautiful ones there! That pink and black one!
 There was an exhibit about the evolution of roadside stuff and hotels. You know I loved that! They had some cute campers on display too!
 I am kind of obsessed with that little travel clothes line kit! 
 Here we are listening to the War of the Worlds broadcast. I wish I had taken a picture further back. They had it set up like a 1940's living room. The Henry Ford really was awesome! I wish we had more time to see it all and take the factory tour! We headed from there straight to the airport.
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for those dudes. I used to wish on my green skittles that Raphael would come to life and be my boyfriend! Haha!
 I loved this long tiger!
 Look at that cute Caesar on top of the sign! 
 Did you know Faygo is from Detroit? It was included in our little welcome bag from my cousin. We had a great time in Detroit! Thanks for all the suggestions! We'll be back sometime, to see my cousin's house and swim in her pool! My only regret is we didn't check "see one of the great lakes " off of our 30 before 30 list! We were so close!

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