Monday, May 8, 2017


Hello blog friends, if anyone is still out there! The impossible seems to have happened, after 16 years of blogging, I finally lost interest. I feel bad just leaving this space with no final post, and I have some pretty big, incredible news! Travis has been bugging me to write a post about it... so here you go.
We're having a baby!
Insane right? We were told years ago it would probably never happen so we were surprised and thrilled when we found out back in December. I'm 27 weeks now, so we'll have a little person in our house in just a few months. 
If we're social media friends, you saw this image when we announced it. I have a whole stash of cute vintage baby stuff that I am excited to use. Those little mittens!
Even more exciting is we're having a girl! That is what I was really hoping for (I REALLY want her to wear this squirrel dress, one of my favorite finds EVER).
Our friends and family have been really supportive and excited. Crystal came with us to set up our registry. I did not register for this giant unicorn. But I love it.
Also, it is so hard to resist buying cute little clothes! I know it isn't super smart, since you don't know what size they will be what season, but come on! That little vintage romper!
Mildred and Wilma are very excited to be big sisters. They love this new phase where all I want to do is lay on the couch when I'm not working. They are always down for a midafternoon nap followed by a snack.
I'll leave you with this. Here is our little daughter at 16 weeks. It is crazy to think there is a little person inside of me, and even crazier to think she'll be out here walking and talking before we know it. We're excited and nervous for this big change.
If you want to keep up with me, I'm still a big instagram fan. My user name is Raesock, and I'd love to be friends!
It's been real blogger!
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