Monday, January 25, 2010

Pez King

on saturday morning i went over to my friend ryan's condo to help him with his whiskerino photo for the day. the theme was collections and he wanted to take pictures with his pez collection.

it was so fun! we watched the pez documentary and talked in the conan o'brien nerd voice the whole time.

it took forever to get it just right. we kept having to move things around so the frame looked completely full. i kept having to remind him that in a picture this full of stuff not everything can be visible/featured.

he ended up winning king beard for the day! i'm so proud!!

i'm glad ryan and i can hang out more now that we moved to nashville. i think we get along so well because we are both huge nerds.

tomorrow night is the "holiday party". they rented out a fun center with bowling, bumper cars, lazer tag, etc. i'm pretty excited about it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cat Update@

it's been a while since i posted pictures of my cats! I know you've been on the edge of your seat wondering what they are up too.
weird little hub that connects the dining room/bathroom/craftroom/2nd bedroom/living room. scampi and murray love to lay here when light is coming through the bathroom window.

update on that wild kitty we are trying to tame: the workmen left the basement door open and she ran down there. we haven't been able to get her back into the main house. i put a litter box down there, and food and water. she is still terrified of us. i'm contemplating renting a trap from the humane society to at least get her back into the main house. but i don't know. i don't know if she's a lost cause or not.
murray is still the center of attention around here. now that dana is living with us he has two ladies fawning over him all the time. he also likes that most of the doors in the house don't really click closed, so he can get into whatever room he wants.
scampi has stopped sleeping at the foot of our bed. maybe since we have heat now she doesn't have too.

house update: this week they are going to update our fuse box! and put in the outlets we need! and a few other things! then they will be done and we'll be able to use the stove and washing machine! i'm off on friday and saturday and i'm planning on unpacking at least 75% of the boxes that are left. i can't wait!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Painting our room

it snowed for three days last week! that never happens her in tennessee, it was so exciting! sadly i worked all three days so i didn't get to make a snow man or anything, but it was still exciting. i hung a bird feeder from that little awning and i love watching all the birds! so far is have seen cardinals, chickadees, and a few kinds of sparrow. i haven't seen a tufted tit mouse yet, those are my favorite.

the other day we painted our bedroom! it was pink. which with the ugly horrible ceiling paper was just too much for me to handle. i also noticed this day that there is a subtle asian undertone to the paper. little pagodas and a man holding a parasol and another man fishing. haha. so weird.

crystal and dana helped! crystal brought her fancy detail brush and did all the little annoying parts. which is good because i don't have the patience to do a good job.

now it is grey! so much better! and we redid all the white trim. i didn't notice how gross it all was until we started to redo it. i can't wait to put all my crap on those shelves!
is calling me...goodnight!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some shots of our new house

Travis woke up really sick today. it was so sad. because he never gets sick. he puked almost every 15 minutes for hours! i felt so bad having to leave him to go to work. poor thing. right now we are sitting on the couch and he is sleeping on my lap. i don't want to get up because he looks so cute and comfortable.

we watched "the hangover" tonight. ugh i hated it. i didn't laugh once. i can't believe it was such a big hit. so stupid. i think i have hated every movie i have ever seen about las vegas. except for rat race.

omg omg on new years the wide angle part of my lens magically started working again! it hasn't worked at all since MAY! so here are three pictures of my messy house. all the work is supposed to be done this week, so we can actually unpack and it won't look terrible all the time. haha.

i bought a new shower curtain! it makes the bathroom look so much better. did i take a picture of the cherub curtain? haha. i don't know why there is a window in the shower. our first apartment was like that too.

i really really really hope the stove gets hooked up tomorrow. i'm so sick of eating out. dana brought us falafel and fries for dinner two nights ago. and that was awesome. but i can't wait to be able to cook in my kitchen! ahh!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Year in Pictures

It's a few days late, but here is my year in review post! way too many pictures!

i got my new camera! from here on out i started taking way to many pictures of everything i was doing.

so that's it! bye 2009! hopefully 2010 will be just as great!
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