Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Flea Finds!

 Here are my finds from the May flea market! I really didn't bring much home.
 Those tiny little dogs remind me of Phyllis and Priscilla, so I had to have them! The deer is part of a salt and pepper set.
I've been reading a book about the Little House on the Prairie books and it made me want to reread the whole series. I had a few of the books as a little girl and loved them! I was thrilled to find this 70's edition box set!
Another jewel eyed poodle for my collection, some JR Deluxe Editions I don't have yet, and a little perpetual calendar.
 Some photos for my collection of course. Not that many this month.
 Highlights include these guys holding snakes.
And these little guys dressed up in their 1970's finest. There were actually lots more photos of this stylin' family, but I didn't have much cash left. The guy selling them gave me 12 pictures for two dollars! I should have gone back and got the other ones.
 I think this little set is for pillows to go on a high chair. I couldn't resist that fabric and rick rack! 
And these were from an estate sale during the week. They are from the Monkees official fan club. I was just going to get one but I couldn't decide! Now I just have to frame them all together. The lady running the sale asked if I knew who they were (as I was paying for them) and it was REAL hard not to roll my eyes. Haha. I used to have a Monkees lunchbox and a Monkees t-shirt I ordered from an ad in Seventeen magazine. They were my prized possessions in middle school.

I hope estate land/flea land/thirft land treated you well last week!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Nashville Flea:May!

Here we go! Another month at the beautiful Nashville Flea! Here are some of the sights we saw!
"Fancy Flea Building"
If I had a bar cart, I would have picked up this ice bucket.
Look at that pyrex! The woman running the booth was going to get a Pyrex tattoo shortly! Now I can't remember which pattern, but it is going to be so cute!
Made in Japan clocks! So kawaii!
I'm really kicking myself right now for not buying that Divine record.
Smug lil knee hugger.
One of the cutest little table and chair sets I've seen!
This booth had so much amazing western stuff. Those little Gene Autry and Roy Rogers shirts were KILLING me! The the little shoe covers in the back!
I love that pink lamp, and that furniture!
Maybe I should have looked closer at that Urkel game....I had shark attack when I was a kid! My brother and I would SCREAM when the shark got close to our fish.
That little winged frog thing has been in this booth for a few months. It makes me laugh every time. 
Teeny tiny buttons.
Look at that little Rock City hat! I'm not sure why it has a panda on it.
There is Travis' lone appearance this time. My friend Thomas came with us again. It was pretty hot out and he gave in and bought some lemonade from one of the stands.It is so expensive but tastes so GOOD after walking around in the heat.
And last but not least, I thought my search for a charm bracelet was finally over! Look at all those plastic dogs! Sadly it was too small so it wasn't meant to be. As usual, I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I got.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wedding Weekend! Travis' first time officiating!

 Two of our dear friends got married this past weekend and asked Travis to officiate the ceremony! He got ordained through the internet a few years ago, but hadn't gotten to perform a ceremony yet. (He may have spent some time dreaming of a mobile wedding chapel where you could get married by a Johnny Cash or Elvis impersonator). The wedding was rainbow themed, which is amazing!
Here we are, all gussied up! I wish I had gotten a full body shot. I was wearing my beach bash dress which is so cute! The other men in the wedding wore different colored suspenders and converse so Travis was the rainbow in the middle. Ignore his awkward face, haha.
 Travis gets his hair cut a Red's Barbershop downtown and Hunter, who cuts his hair styled it for him for the wedding. I'm in love! I asked Travis if he thought he'd be able to recreate it, and he said "there was a lot of blowdrying". So I guess not.
They had the wedding at the bride's parent's house. I love that air stream. When they have big bonfires they let people spend the night in it.
 I loved all the rainbow flowers!
 Travis and the groom going over the ceremony one last time. 
 Here they are waiting for the ceremony to start. Nova posted this link about unplugged weddings recently and it really spoke to me. I am definitely guilty of snapping away during a ceremony and while the article is mostly about guests inadvertently ruining shots for the professional photography the couple is paying to capture their day, it also speaks to just enjoying the moment and taking it in without the distraction of technology. So that is what I did. The ceremony was short (that is what they wanted) and I was so proud of Travis. He started with that famous "Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam... " and went on to some sweet vows. I love weddings and pretty much always cry.
 One more of Travis' cute hair  (and face!) Look at that rainbow boutonniere! 
 The reception went until at least 1:30 am (that is when we left, but I'm not sure how much longer it went). The famous Kimmie of That Girl in the Wheelchair fame was there. Here she is with her main squeeze Jamie doing a great candid/not candid pose. There was also a mashed potato bar. Which is the best idea! And there was a wagon full of pop corn! And fun sodas in bottles!
 The dancing was kicked out with the bride and groom dancing to "You Never Can Tell" from Pulp Fiction. Then it never stopped! I danced, HARD for at least four and a half hours. I woke up the next morning barely able to move, with my voice almost gone, and blisters on my toes but it was worth it! I'm not a great dancer, but I love to get down with friends. My favorite part of any wedding!
I also love the wedding trend of photo booths. I wish we had one at our wedding! Here are some of my favorite frames from the strips I was in! Congrats to Bethany and Nathan on their wedding! I know you  have many years of love ahead of you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Estate Finds!

Here is what I brought home from our epic estate sale tour last weekend! As you can see, I did pretty well! I forgot to take a full photo, but I found the most amazing beach towel! You can kind of see it under the Mary Poppins book. It has sun glasses and lipstick and a GIANT comb. I've been looking for one for our beach trip in July but didn't want to pay 20 bucks for a boring striped one at Target. 
 First up, I did pretty well in the Christmas department. I was going to leave these balls behind because I don't really NEED them, but then I found the whole box was 25 cents, and I could I leave those?
Isn't that deer sweet? Even with the crazy blue eyes. And that glass! I can't pass up a cool vintage glass when it is a good size. Lots of vintage glass ware is SO SMALL and we drink lots of water in this house.
That peacock was calling my name! I spotted it from across the room. That little spun head guy was on the floor almost under a chair leg. It was like he was calling out to me! He is TINY, about an inch tall.
 I have a few of these handmade mice already and I'm always on the lookout for me. Betty Craft wrote a great post on them over at No Patterned Required. Isn't the little choir cute?
 I picked up this adorable floor wax can for a certain blog friend! (Check out the sixth photo down!)
 Shell dog with a pipe cleaner color. I didn't even debate with myself on this one. Right up my alley.
The perfect Easter bunny! I've been picking up quite a few vintage stuffed animals lately. I try not too, sometimes they are just TOO good. Look at that tongue! And the illustrations in the Mary Poppins book are gorgeous.
 I found these patriotic Annalee donkeys that I hadn't seen before! They are the old made in the usa ones. The guy on the card is a pin. The other one is on a long piece of wire. I'm not sure what he is supposed to be used for. I'll probably just add another pin back. Looking online it looks like these guys are from 1972 and usually sell for about 30 bucks. I got a great deal!
 Some chalkware Florida souvenirs. 
You see puzzles at estate sales all the time, but I have never noticed vintage ones like these! I love the images! And some of them had little notes included with the last time they were done (mostly 1958-1960) and information about how many pieces were missing.
 Look at those colors!
 I think the guys in the canoe is my favorite. I can't wait to do this one! 
I also picked up this game that I have passed up a few times before. It looks like Chinese checkers mixed with Sorry. I'll let you know how it goes when we play it soon.
 That's it! What a good weekend! The whole time I was taking these photos Scampi was trying to lay on top of everything. Once I finally squirted her with water, she spent the rest of the time laying like this at my feet, trying to tempt me into petting her belly. Aw Scamps.
This weekend is the flea market and a few more good looking sales. I hope I have more good luck!
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